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Suggestions for frozen meat bricks
Contributors to this thread:
Bandicooter 28-Oct-22
timex 28-Oct-22
Jethro 28-Oct-22
fuzzy 29-Oct-22
Ermine 29-Oct-22
smarba 29-Oct-22
LKH 29-Oct-22
From: Bandicooter
Due to lack of time given the meat processor, my antelope was deboned and frozen in three plastic bags. Frozen bricks. I'm trying to figure out a way to get it apart and repackage into cuts. One suggestion was to just thaw it, cut into chunks, and can it. Any ideas?

From: timex
I'd not hesitate to thaw just enough separate and refreeze

From: Jethro
Thaw it, process it like normal, and refreeze. It will be fine.

From: fuzzy
Thaw under refrigeration, process and re freeze (or can if you want)

From: Ermine
Easy. Unthaw. Process refreeze

From: smarba
I have a friend who is admittedly more cave man than most. He freezes big chunks like you describe all the time. He takes one out of freezer and put in refrigerator. As it thaws he slices off pieces and cooks them for dinner over multiple days/week until he's eaten it all. Thaw, process, do whatever, re-freeze, you'll be just fine.

From: LKH
When MN had real winters I lived in Int'l Falls. We regularly had deer frozen to -20 or more before we hauled them out of the woods. Hung them in the basement and waited for them to thaw before skinning and cutting. Yours should be no problem. You can monitor the thaw and pull it apart as it progressed.

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