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wyoming preference point help
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hi . as a non resident i have 10 points in wyoming for elk.? is purchasing a waste? will it get me in better areas. i don't see myself going in the next couple years. now or rifle or ml makes no difference . any guidance is appreciated . thank you

From: JTreeman
If you don’t buy points for 2 consecutive years you lose all your points. Keep buying them, I see no reason not to if you have come this far. You are probably kinda in no man’s land, but you better keep pace with creep at least.


tree man yea i don't really understand all that stuff

From: KB
Keep buying. I drew a fun unit in ‘18 with 10 that could have been had for 10 this year still. Killed a nice bull. No sense in falling behind now.

tree man yea i don't really understand all that stuff

From: sticksender
If you're just buying points without a plan, then yeah, there's no reason to continue. If OTOH you just want to hunt bull elk in Wyoming....actually you could have already done that starting 8-9 years ago, and you are still eligible to draw a hunt anytime you want. Take this as a friendly suggestion, but you may want to figure out what you are trying to accomplish first. Glance at the draw reports on the WGFD website, decide what type of hunt you want, ask around with questions about units, and etc, until you know what exactly is your goal. Then go elk hunting.

From: Bowboy
With that many points I definitely wouldn’t stop buying them.

From: cnelk
Please. Please. Do not ask specific questions about specific areas in Wyo.

That’s a good way to get roasted online

From: thedude
Find a unit that required 1 point less than your total and go hunt or split your app with someone for a gen or LE unit. Wyomings hunt planner will be all you need to get a solid start. I'd keep buying if you dont go but with that many points idk why you havnt done 2 decent hunts there already.

If/when you go don't post unit or specific info online. I just read a post with a dipshit posting specific named roads in a unit and giving details on what kind of deer he observed.

From: Tracker
The guy you called a Dipshit is being called a considerate hunter for sharing some great information. It all depends on your perspective. I hunted a unit for elk this year likely for the last time in my life. I see no reason why I should not share the info I gained from my hunt.

back to the OP do not stop buying points. But you do need a plan. As been previously said pick a unit you can draw or share points with someone and have a great trip.

From: Jethro
Better to have the points and not need them, than to need the points and not have them.

You don't want to lose the points you have so you should keep buying them. You never know what opportunities will come up in the future. You may be able to share points with somebody and have a great hunt in an area they're familiar with.

From: Bob H in NH
Assuming you bought one in 2022, you can de ide to skip 2023 with no harm. However if you don't buy 2 years in a row you lose them all

So yes get a plan, execute on it and go chase elk

From: Mule Power
If you skip even 1 year I guarantee you’ll regret it. Buy the point!

From: Inshart
The way WY is going - changing general to "regions", possibility of reducing NR tag numbers, possibility of raising license costs. I would MOST DEFINATELY go next year and enjoy your hunt.

Right now, we (3 of us) with 4 points will put in for 2023, if we don't draw a general tag we are most likely done with WY.

From: Pop-r
So if you don't draw you're just going to throw your points away and act like you never had them?

From: wytex
sent you a pm git r done

From: WapitiBob
points are like rubbers

better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have it

From: Blood
WB, lol. And just like the WY draw, you can always pull out before it’s too late. Lmfao

From: DonVathome
Definitely keep getting points it will help. A lot.

From: maxracx
You can't win if you don't play.

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