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DR L 02-Nov-22
sitO 02-Nov-22
Thornton 02-Nov-22
t-roy 03-Nov-22
Bou’bound 03-Nov-22
Ironbow 03-Nov-22
Thornton 03-Nov-22
BowSniper 03-Nov-22
From: DR L
Any thoughts on ion trace for deer ?

From: sitO

From: Thornton
Nothing works to get rid of scent.

From: t-roy
That’s simply not true, Thornton. They use ozone machines to get rid of odors in all kinds of applications. Smoke damaged homes, for instance. Even the small cigarette lighter units work at eliminating odors in vehicles. My farm truck used to be parked in my shed, where the damn mice got into it several times. You can smell the urine in it when you get in the cab. I’ll plug in the ozone generator for 60 minutes, and the smell goes away for weeks. It does come back, but the unit does work. Same for cigarette smoke smells. The jury is still out for me, on the units used for hunting applications, but I know several guys that have ACTUALLY used the product (that I trust their judgment) and they have had a lot positive results in using them. Nothing is 100%.

As far as the ion trace goes, I know nothing about it, but if it is being sold by the Busbice Clan (Wildgame Innovation Products) I would not give that scumbag family a dime of my money, even if it made me invisible.

From: Bou’bound

From: Ironbow
/\ /\. What Troy said.

From: Thornton
What you say is true, but deer smell in parts per million- which is better than a dog. If you're not getting rid of 100% of the scent, then why yse it? They're still going to smell you, and know what you are.

From: BowSniper
I like Ozone (Ion?) best for removing scent in my truck and gear and clothes. And when hunting in a ground blind.

Not yet a believer for use in a tree stand.

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