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Garmin Dakota tracks erasing
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DonVathome 03-Nov-22
JohnMC 03-Nov-22
DonVathome 04-Nov-22
From: DonVathome
After a few days my tracks always erase on my garmin dakota 10. Any idea why? I have them set to archive every week. Other then that I do not know why. The next day they are there, and 2 days later. I am not sure exactly when but a week or 2 later they are always gone. I zoom in/out etc.


Track log is set to Record, show on map Record method auto Auto archive weekly


From: JohnMC
Where are the archived too?

From: DonVathome
That is a really good question. I did some research and think I have it figured out. I also changed archive to only save when full great idea!

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