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bowhunt 03-Nov-22
Jaquomo 03-Nov-22
IKE220 03-Nov-22
From: bowhunt
I'm wondering if any of you have tried this. I have seen the add on here for a long time and never clicked on it. just did and it looks pretty neat.

From: Jaquomo
I bought one this summer to rehab my shoulder. It is more of a video game with a hand held bow-like thing with adjustable holding weight and draw length. It does not break over like a compound, but is more like a Bowfit or other elastic band training device. The app is kind of cool, though, because you can pick your animals (African, N.A., etc.), can keep score, and can play against other shooters. I can see the value for someone with TP because you practice aiming, holding and shooting at digital animals walking around on your phone screen attached to the bow. So it is sort of like a home version of the Dart system except you shoot the Accubow instead of your own.

For me it was more about increasing holding weight and duration as my shoulder healed, and the wide adjustability range made that possible, although I could have achieved the same result by buying another Bowfit. Was it worth the money? Not sure. If you get into the video and scoring part, probably so. I will use it this winter when the weather outside sucks.

From: IKE220
A few years back when I injured my shoulder at the start of bow season, my local bowshop let me borrow one to build my strength back up. I was back shooting my bow after 2 weeks. Side note that's why I will support a bowshop to buy archery needs rather then amazon. In my area bowshops are closing like crazy. Support your local bowshop!!

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