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Protecting Antlers From the Sun
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Elk Assassin 06-Nov-22
Grey Ghost 06-Nov-22
fuzzy 06-Nov-22
Recurve Man 06-Nov-22
ohiohunter 06-Nov-22
DonVathome 07-Nov-22
WV Mountaineer 07-Nov-22
DanaC 07-Nov-22
From: Elk Assassin
I've got an elk dead head that I spent a fair amount of effort refurbishing. I'd like to put it up on the outside of my cabin, but I'd like the antlers to stay looking brown over the years. Does anyone have any knowledge of a product that I could put on the antlers to protect them from the sun and not have them looking too glossy or unnatural? Any info or experience you'd be willing to share would be much appreciated!

From: Grey Ghost
I would try a clear marine grade varnish in a matte finish.


From: fuzzy
I rub mine down whitetail deer yearly with a chamois lightly oiled with olive oil

From: Recurve Man
Fuzz is correct about the oil. Only thing i would suggest is using an aerosol can of cheap vegetable oil then take a rag and wipe them down. Not really much you can do to prevent the sun from taking its toll on them though.

From: ohiohunter
Auto clear coat, I think you can buy diy kit from auto part store. I’ve tried regular clear coat and NM sun devoured it.

From: DonVathome
Very good question, I have often wondered about this! My only thought it something that works like sunblock for people - meaning it reflects the harmful UV rays. Also something to "restore" the drying out - like you do with exterior wood decks.

Rub them with oil. Let dry, then marine grade poly. Apply as needed over the years.

From: DanaC
Try Armor-All, made to protect from UV.

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