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From: Scoot
I sent in a VPA broadhead because after Ryan's arrow blew through a grouse, it hit something hard and blunted the tip. I might have been able to work it out, but it was enough that I didn't want to do it because I figured I'd have to remove an awful lot of material to get it like I wanted it. VPA sent me back a new head (stainless steel 3 blade), but also sent two additional heads that were both different from each other. He included a note that said something like "here are a couple of free samples to give a try". They are probably worth $40. I thought that was very kind and really awesome customer service. Just wanted to put in a plug for VPA for taking great care of this customer.

From: Buffalo1
Have always had good experience with VPA customer service. Totally agree with you.

From: Tracker
Love VPA's. I just suck at sharpening them.

From: Z Barebow
I also shoot the ss 3 blade. Haven’t needed warranty yet as the deer chest slowed the arrow down enough before it stuck into the ground.

From: JTreeman
I guess I don’t get it. It was nice of him to replace it and send you whatever else. However, it seems to me that you (or Ryan) knew you were taking a shot that would risk damage to the broadhead/arrow. Why or how is that VPA’s fault it was damaged and why should they warranty obvious “misuse”? It wasn’t a manufacturing defect, or any mistake on their part. You made the decision, it turned out badly for the broadhead, live with it.

Then I see guys complaining about how much stuff costs. Well here is another reason! I shoot quite a few broadheads every year, and basically reuse almost none of them, cost of doing business is the way I look at it. If I VPA’s and expected to reuse them then I would resharpen and go on my way. But if I was shooting at a small bird in the rocks and damaged it I certainly wouldn’t expect replacement, cost of doing business, the business of shooting grouse.

I own my own business and have to put up with stuff like this from time to time from my customers, guess what, someone has to pay for it. It just gets passed along, or baked into the original price. I guess i just don’t get it, just seems like taking advantage to me. But good on VPA for making you happy.


From: HDE
^^^ kind of like driving through a briar patch and asking BF Goodrich to replace a tire...

From: elkster
VPA has been outstanding in my dealings with them on the Vaporiser and they make a real good broadhead.

From: PECO2
I agree with Treeman. I am a fan of VPA broadheads. However if I shot at a small animal on rocks, I'd expect to ruin the broadhead and move on. I carry field points for that. Good on VPA though.

From: Scoot
Interesting perspective, Treeman. I've been told from the beginning that VPA would replace a damaged head, with no questions asked. I went into the purchase of VPAs thinking that if I had one dinged up that I couldn't get sharpened, they would replace it. I guess I didn't really think about it any more than "broadhead is damaged, VPA says they'll replace it". Really nothing deeper thought about beyond that.

My intention certainly wasn't to take advantage of, or screw over, VPA. In my mind, if VPA is making it clear they'll replace heads that are damaged with a "no questions asked" approach, they are essentially asking for this and are folding the cost of this into their pricing. You mentioned taking the shot that could damage the head is "the cost of doing business", but I think there's a flip side "cost of doing business piece" to this too. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I think VPA has largely set the stage for this. I don't say that because I'm to much of a puss to take blame if the blame is due to me. ...and given your point, maybe I am inadvertently taking advantage of them by returning the head.

Anyhoo... I can't say I disagree with the point you're making, Treeman. The way you described it certainly wasn't my mindset when I sent the head in to VPA. No doubt you've given me a different perspective to think about this from.

Whether I'm the bad guy or not, VPA was the good guy here. Kudos to them!

From: RT
Hmmm, not good.

From: Beginner
VPA knocks it out of the park!

From: Bou'bound
I believe Magnus had the same deal and has said it is the equivalent of marketing expense. In stead of some ads some brands use this offer as marketing. If that is the strategy it works as designed for all. If that is not the intent the terms should reflect the thing that are exempted from free replacement.

You paid for that benefit. It is part of the product you decided to buy at a price that worked for you and the manufacturer. Use it as intended. Let the company change it if it is not working in their business model as desired.

From: JohnMC
I am 95% with Treeman on this. I'd never send a normal priced broadhead to be replaced. The 5% is what if I bought instead of brand B for this reason. Maybe I'd send back one then, but probably not from shooting at a rock.

Second what if it was a Ironwill. That you pay way more than a broadhead should cost if you did not look at them as a head that could be shot over and over. Would it be more acceptable to send one of those back after hitting a rock?

From: APauls
I agree with what Scoot did, and only because of the advertising on behalf of VPA.

I have bought a number of pairs of Darn Tough socks. I now have a stack that I have worn through that I will send in for warranty. It is part of the reason I bought the socks. Because they will send me new ones when I wear them out. They're a $25 sock. I am assuming this is baked into the price and marketing efforts so I don't feel bad. I would never buy a Smartwool sock and send it back with a hole in it. It is not part of their advertising.

From: craigmcalvey
I agree with APauls…it’s marketed that way and a selling point. I use Magnus heads for the same reason. I don’t view my broadheads as disposable because they are not marketed that way. If I do manage to break one, Mike at Magnus takes care of me. Same with my HHA sight. Lifetime warranty means lifetime if that’s how it’s marketed. To not use the offered warranty would make little sense to me.


From: Bou'bound
Would you guys not take advantage of a covered truck issue warranty item if the issue was not a result of the manufacturer but you? They will cover it and you would say no thanks? Sure

From: blackbear62
Talked with Ryan at VPA today for about 20 minutes. We discussed my concerns with both three blades and two blades. He discussed their specific designs for toughness I was impressed with his knowledge, willingness to listen, and time spent with me. Was recommended to try both a 200gr two blade and 200gr three blade. By the way I am shooting both a 47# Widow and a 47# Robertson recurves. Mark

From: HDE
Bou'bound - you mean like exceeding the payload or towing capacity and destroying something?...

From: Candor
I betcha VPA sells more heads based on this thread than what the cost is of replacing the OP's broadhead.

I have had good performance from VPA. They don't damage easy. There is no "right" or "wrong" in this case. There just is different approaches and that is okay and let's move on. Good on the OP for making this post and recognizing a company that does what they say.

I have shot a lot of deer with Stingers by Magnus. I have damaged a few heads over the years and they have replaced them.

I have yet to damage a VPA head. But I am going to try to stick it in the ground on the south side of enough deer to see if I can.

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