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No Hunters Needed ?
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The State of Washington



From: gflight
Lots of things leftists don't understand.

They even used to believe in free speech.

Now they just believe in the authoritarian state.

Game will always need management.

We may just have to change species.

If I gave any credibility to that article....

From: nmwapiti
That's definitely the goal for some of the bunny hugger crowd. They think humans are some kind of invasive species that shouldn't interfere with mother nature.

From: Dale06
gflight said, “we may have to change species.” That’s spot on.

From: Woods Walker
Who are we to assign species anyway?

From: SBH
The Woke Left will only have it one way. They won't stop.

From: TGbow
Matt, you are exactly right and those that like to hunt should pay attention who they cast a vote for.

When it comes to the Leftist and the Neocons, common sense goes out the window.

It's hunters that keep game at healthy populations

From: Glunker
Time for schools to quit promoting white privilege, racial equity, transgendering and come up with some common sense.

From: Groundhunter
Let's say all hunting is closed. Who pays the bills and salaries? Duh.

From: Jaquomo
Same thing is going on in Colorado. The Governor's animal rights vegan husband is in charge of vetting and recommending Wildlife Commissioners. With four more years to appoint members, he could transform the Commission into what Washington is dealing with now. We already have an animal rights lawyer on there.

From: fuzzy
Typical. "You've restored the ecosystem by generations of hard work, dedication, and hunting tax dollars. Thanks now get out!"

From: Jaquomo
Fuzzy, I actually had an anti-hunter tell me that.

Wish I had a dollar for every AR libtard who, 25 years ago, assured me that in no way was "USFWS wolf reintroduction in the intermountain West" a plan calculated to reduce any need for human hunting.


From: Beendare
That was the intent all along….intro wolves to cut hunters out of the equation.

Whats sad, is that many hunters fell for the arguments FOR wolves- useful idiots for the antis.

Specifically, There were a few supposed experts on Rokslide years ago

From: JohnMC
I on some level can understand someone not liking killing of animals and wanting no hunting. If they are a vegetarian I can even almost respect that. But when they think a predator such as wolves, bears, coyotes, ect killing them is fine and a better answer that a short death by a hunter I lose all abilities to even see any logic to their thinking. Crazy world we are living in.

Large portions of Wisconsin are already at the point where hunters are not needed to control deer populations due to wolves. In fact deer populations are far below the carrying capacity of the land to the point of decimation. Nobody in Madison cares. It seems that the same mentality they're talking about in Washington had already permeated the Wisconsin DNR.

From: TonyBear
"You've restored the ecosystem by generations of hard work, dedication, and hunting tax dollars. Thanks now get out!"

Yeah that's the nutty extremist anti-hunting view. Since it was the hunters, fishermen, gatherers, etc. who brought us into the reality of post-ice age survival , and post-industrialization it would be best to remind them of that and the fact the current American Conservation model is the most successful in the world, period. Without it there would be no cranes, eagles, wood ducks, antelope, turkeys, deer, bear,wolves; walleye and now lake trout in Lake Erie (you know the lake and river that caught on fire a generation ago??).

From: swede
Let's not get too excited. We had a discussion or two on this same subject in my wildlife management course, in college about 55 years ago. I am still hunting and have not had any guns taken.

From: Copperhead
When the wolves, mountain lions and grizzlies have decimated the wildlife population to the point they start coming into towns and hunt the citizens and their pets is when the light might come on for these so called wildlife conservationists.

From: Bigdog 21
Look into the big pic. What they want is slowly happening. Read about the 2050 agenda. Look how many national forest have the name united nations on bottom of entry signs. And read one would gov. And look up are presidents that want this. The world is going to change big-time.

From: 2Wild Bill

Hunters in Connecticut want a bear season and this event has been downplayed.

From: Bigdog 21
One day NO one will be allowed in national forest. Giving it back to nature. Part of the going green. and are leaders want to be first country to go green.

The ironic thing is that humans are also part of nature. We're not aliens on this planet. The problems are a result of the people who have completely lost touch with nature and either don't realize or have have forgotten that we are also part of nature.

From: bowhunt
These people seem to want a “human neutral “ world

I’ve been noticing this especially the last 4-5 years on multiple different topics.

Just like Cheeseheadmike posted…

We are one of the species on the planet

Keep an eye on the American Prairie Reserve (APR) in Montana, they have duped many ignorant hunters.

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