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Changing it UP-New sight
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SoDakSooner 10-Nov-22
Coondog 11-Nov-22
WV Mountaineer 11-Nov-22
Brotsky 11-Nov-22
From: SoDakSooner

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SoDakSooner's embedded Photo
Well I bit the bullet so to speak and hung up my trusty old (10 years) Axcel Armortech. Our shop managed to get in a few of the Landslydes last week, so I thought I would give the slider a shot. I didn't necessarily like the setup they had but figured I could always change up components down the road. I thought the Armortech had a log of adjustments, but this thing is nuts. I don't normally go changing things up mid season but not a huge whitetail guy any more. I'll probably do some late season stuff for meat after rifle season, so plenty of time to work the bugs out. Really only picked it up so I can shoot longer range for practicing. I was limited to 70 yards with the Armortech. Should be able to get well over 100 yards with this one....

From: Coondog
Super good sight. Love mine. I took the scope off and mounted a UV3 double pin. I can shoot out to 120 with it.

I’m in the unknown here. More in that I never have the opportunity to shoot long ranges. But, is there an advantage to sight being that far infront of the bow?

I’d knock that thing off in all the terrain and brush around here. I assume it has to offer the longer range shooters sone advantage or it wouldn’t be like that. Am I correct.

From: Brotsky
Brian, how far down can you move that before you get fletching clearance issues?

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