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Utah comes down harf on E-Bikes
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From: Huntcell

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SALT LAKE CITY — After seeing an uptick in issued warnings in recent years, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officers are reminding the public that class 2 and class 3 electronic bikes are now illegal off-road on all wildlife and waterfowl management areas in Utah.

After being passed by the Utah Wildlife Board in August, the new e-bike rule officially went into effect Nov. 7. Class 2 and class 3 e-bikes are now classified as "motorized vehicles" by rule, so motorized vehicle restrictions on wildlife or waterfowl management areas now apply to these classes of e-bikes as well. These restrictions are often publicized with "no motorized vehicles" signs in areas of the WMAs.

There are 193 wildlife management areas and waterfowl management areas in Utah.

That’s awesome. The off-season/year-round harassment of the animals by “mountain bikers” taking “epic rides” that they would never undertake under their own power has absolutely ruined the hunting in a drainage where we used to be able to at least SEE some Elk every day. Pretty sure it’s not just a Local issue.

Next, maybe they’ll crack down on the “camps” that stay up for a month or 6 weeks at a time….

From: DanaC
"are now illegal off-road"

So they're legal ON the roads in those areas? And what is going to keep them ON the roads? Good luck with that.

From: WapitiBob
The new law only pertains to wildlife areas.

From: lamb
corax x2 thank you fat man bike

My guess is hunters use e bikes more then any other group, in the trust lands known as national forest’s. I could be wrong but, I doubt it.

From: Candor
ease access vs reduced disturbance on critters.

I would rather walk and have critters more at ease.

That is a general statement. I do not hunt utah but with reduced hunter numbers but more people traveling to hunt now it is hard to find undisturbed areas.

From: Jaquomo
As an avid LEGAL ebike rider, I'm fine with this rule. I have class 2 bikes that can easily be converted to Class 1 by simply removing the throttle, which I never use anyway.

From: Michael
The law is the law. However here in Minnesota I would rather see e bikes on wildlife management areas instead of all the 4 wheeler or pick up tracks cutting across the grass illegally.

Not sure how the wildlife in Utah react to ebikes but from what I have seen in the Midwest the whitetails are less disturbed by them a person walking.

From: ILbowhntr
Now if they just enforce it. Wyoming sure as heck doesn’t. More concerned that my cooler was bear proof than the knuckleheads running around on dirt bikes.

From: ILbowhntr

From: Ziek
Anything with a throttle shouldn't be classified as a bike to begin with.

From: Bou'bound
Good news

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