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Update: bowhunter vs T.wolf
Whitetail Deer
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Inshart 14-Nov-22
Live2Hunt 14-Nov-22
drycreek 14-Nov-22
Highlife 14-Nov-22
x-man 14-Nov-22
Corax_latrans 15-Nov-22
From: Inshart
Report of bowhunter shooting a timber wolf in self-defense: Here is a brief synopsis of the encounter of a bow hunter who shot a timber wolf in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. I received the information back from the MN DNR conservation officer.

This incident took place in the same location where I have taken a few deer from. It is private property. I'm not going to post the hunters name nor the location, other than the county. Some of this is a bullet point synopsis directly from the CO's report.

*On 10/29/22 at approximately 1009 hours, I State Conservation Officer Calie Cook received a phone call from a subject later identified as XXXX. XXXX explained that he shot a wolf with his bow in fear for his life.

The Conservation Officer arrived on the scene at approximately 1050 hours.

*XXXX got down from his stand around 0930 hours to cut away branches for a shooting lane.

*XXXX heard something and thought it was a deer, turned out it was three wolves approximately 20 yards away.

*XXXX hollered at the wolves to scare them, they moved back about 30 yards and approached him again.

*The three wolves then circled XXXX

*The closest wolf, in front of XXXX was approximately 15 yards away at that point, turned away to leave and then turned back towards XXXX again.

*XXXX had an arrow nocked at this point.

*The wolf then got approximately 8 yards away and XXXX took a shot at it with his bow.

*XXXX did not have any photos or videos of the wolves at the time I was questioning him but stated he may have some on his trail cameras.

*XXXX was unable to go back into his stand for safety due to the fact that it was a climber style stand.

*At the time he shot the wolf, he had his backpack and climber stand on his back with him and his bow in his hand.

*We tracked a fairly significant amount of blood for approximately 45 minutes. We were never able to recover the wolf. XXXX's story matched with everything stated when I looked around the area of the incident.

*XXXX later sent me photos from his game cameras he had out in the woods. There were wolves on the photos. Both photos he sent were taken at 1009 hours which matched with approximate time of the incident.

*XXXX also called me after I had cleared the scene and stated he had found the arrow nearby where we first found blood. He believes what happened is since he shot the wolf when it was facing him and he was going for the wolf's chest, he must've missed and skinned the side of the body.

*Nothing further. End report.

From: Live2Hunt
The wolves are so populated in WI and MN that they have killed all the deer. They are starving and will go to any extreme to get food, aka people.

From: drycreek
A good case for carrying a handgun while bowhunting, but it may not be legal in the blue state of Minnesota.

From: Highlife
Seriously you going Jack London on us lol

From: x-man
I don't even think I can have a gun in the truck while bowhunting here in MN.

Well, whoever he was, he’s braver than I am. I know that part of the country and the woods can get really thick with brush, so maybe he didn’t have a clear shot until 8 yards, but in a 3 on 1??? Three human assailants, armed - let’s say knives - with perceptibly hostile intent…. Seems a Reasonable person would not wait be expected for the fangs to sink in.

Makes me wonder how close to getting mauled you have to get before you’re permitted to assert your dominance in the food chain?

But if you’re not permitted a firearm, I’m thinking bear spray.

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