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Flight options to Namibia - advice/opini
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Ryan Rothhaar 15-Nov-22
Buffalo1 15-Nov-22
Ollie 15-Nov-22
Ryan Rothhaar 15-Nov-22
Nick Muche 15-Nov-22
Rossi 16-Nov-22
Ollie 16-Nov-22
llamapacker 16-Nov-22
petedrummond 21-Nov-22
goldy2416 22-Nov-22
billc 23-Nov-22
Going to Namibia in August next year. The flight options I have in hand are: 1. United with overnight in Joberg 2. Delta with overnight in Joberg 3. Qatar air, no overnight but longer layovers etc with similar final arrival time.

None overnight at Joberg on way home.

All similar pricing. All similar times leaving/arriving at both ends. We are not taking guns so no issue with that in RSA. I was to RSA a couple years ago and spent a night in the hotel at the airport, that was good, and the agent I'm using has good meet/greet in Joberg for passing thru, not overly concerned with logistics there.

Don't recall which, but one domestic carrier connects thru Newark and one thru ATL.

Based on all of this which flight would you guys with more experience in Africa travel choose, and why?

Thanks in advance!


From: Buffalo1
May want to consider Delta

ATL> Frankfort. A layover and then Namibia Air Frankfort to Windhoek.

Good flights and reputable airlines.

From: Ollie
My wife and I traveled to Windhoek a few years ago and flew on Quatar airlines. Flight originated in Dallas with a direct to Quatar. Very good flight and service. About a 12 he layover in Quatar. Comfortable airport. Not crowded. Direct flight next morning to Windhoek.

That's interesting, John, layover wasn't bad?

My understanding is the Frankfurt connection doesn't work anymore...but I may be mistaken

From: Nick Muche
The Qatar airport is far better to have a layover in than Frankfurt, and everyone seems to be much more helpful there.

From: Rossi
I think the problem with the Frankfort layover is that Germany won't allow firearms anymore. We used this option in 2008 and got a day room (about 8 hrs) to take a shower and relax before catching the overnight flight to Windhoek. We recently flew Newark to Joburg to Kasane, Botswana to hunt the Caprivi. Was not bad but required an overnight in Joburg.

From: Ollie
Ryan, the layover was long (about 12 hrs) but the airport was nice, uncrowded, with lots of interesting shops. Not a bad place to hang out on a long layover. Be glad to talk more if you want.

From: llamapacker
You should also check out Ethiopian Airlines through Addis Abba. I had my Qatar flight canceled last year and ended up on the Ethiopian flight. It was actually quite nice, and I would definitely consider booking with them in the future for trips to Namibia. Bill

From: petedrummond
Frankfort airport sucks.

From: goldy2416
I flew this year on Lufthansa- Atlanta to Frankfort to Windhoek. Flights and planes all worked, and my bags and bow arrived. Long travel, but no complaints.

From: billc
there is no more air namibia. I use united out of newark stay at airport hunting and flew out next day on SA airlink, All went.

I use qatar the year before and will never again those long layovers suck.

You can do delta out of atl then airlink works out the same as newark. I would pick which ever works better for you

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