Insanity rules trapping anyone
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From: Lewis

Lewis 's embedded Photo
Lewis 's embedded Photo
Hope this isn’t close to Pat there are some crazy people people out there and they breed.Good luck Lewis

From: soccern23ny
Never would have thought that a single place had that many mink.

From: fdp
It's the opposite side of the state from Pat.

Farm mink don't do well when released. Many will suffer before dying.

What Glunt said^^. It’s like letting out a shelter full of de-clawed house cats with no survival instincts. They’ll mostly die off and fairly quick with winter approaching. Stupid!

Like the birds set free that fly off about 50 yards…. and their hearts burst….

Man, oh, MAN is that gonna raise a stink!!!

From: Dale06
I wonder if they’ll prey on each other. Hungry is hungry.

From: HDE
Insanity rules for trapping? No one need to look any further than NM....

From: Zbone
Lewis - Van Wert is far west near the Indiana border not far from Fort Wayne, IN, flat agriculture land, way on the other side of the state from Pat's region... Would imagine few of those captive mink will survive the winter, but ya never know 40,000 is a pile of mink...

From: Mike B
Best thing anyone could do for those mink would be to buy about 500 smaller conibear traps (110's/120's/160's) and put sets in every ditch they can find. If they want to recover them, then use live traps baited with the same chow they got at the farm.

Even if they knew how to hunt, there's not enough resources to support them..they will suffer, starve and die a miserable death.

From: spike78
If they all survive that will be one hell of a trapping season next year! Kinda wish they were all in my yard as I have one hell of a mouse problem.

40,000 10 might make it to next year. The hawks, owls and yotes will be so fat they can’t move in a months time. These animals have no clue how to survive outside their cage.

If they catch whoever let them out they should be released on the moon. See how long they survive in a new environment. Here I am getting mad about stupid people doing stupid things and It could of been an inside job all along. Fur prices are at the bottom of the gutter. I bet a insurance check pays a lot better. I don’t know the farm owners. Don’t know why I’m even speculating. In today’s world ya never know.

From: gflight
A few 110s and the wife has a fur coat....

From: Zbone
"A few 110s and the wife has a fur coat"

Boy, ain't that the truth...

From: Zbone
This was a hot topic late last week on an Akron talk radio (WKNR) show... Man, there are some ignorant people out there...

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