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Headlamp recommendations?
Contributors to this thread:
craigmcalvey 15-Nov-22
KSflatlander 15-Nov-22
APauls 15-Nov-22
Ken 15-Nov-22
yooper89 15-Nov-22
cnelk 15-Nov-22
SlipShot 15-Nov-22
Pintail 15-Nov-22
smarba 15-Nov-22
Tilzbow 15-Nov-22
Jethro 15-Nov-22
Pyrannah 15-Nov-22
wild1 15-Nov-22
Bou’bound 15-Nov-22
McCree 15-Nov-22
Lawdy 15-Nov-22
TGbow 15-Nov-22
Hank_S 16-Nov-22
From: craigmcalvey
Looking for a reliable long lasting LED headlamp that has red and white lights. The one I have eats batteries and I only use it on red, not the high lumen light.


From: KSflatlander
Black Diamond Icon 700 with a rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack has an indicator light that lets you know the power status. In addition, the battery pack can be used to charge your phone with a usb port.

From: APauls
I would not buy a headlamp anymore that is not powered by a lithium cell. The power is just too good, and rechargeable. Hate the AAA's. Every season you're buying another 1/3 of a headlamp just in AAA costs.

From: Ken
I have a Black Diamond and also a Nitecore. I bought the Nitecore off Amazon when I temporarily lost my Black Diamond. Both get the job done. The 2 features that are a "must" are rechargable with a usb charging port and a lock out feature. The lock out feature prevents the headlamp from accidently turning on while it is in your pack.

From: yooper89
I picked up a Black Diamond Storm 400 and Revolt 350. One is rechargeable and one is not but both are pretty solid.

From: cnelk
I carry a Black Diaamd. Pelican - both are good

From: SlipShot
I love my Fenix, I have several black diamonds too. Personally I like the Fenix better. Fenix was priced better than the BD and the same lumens. That may be different now.

From: Pintail
Nitecore HC68, nice red lite and 2000 lumens of white light when you need it. Multiple power settings. Good burn time on the lower settings.

From: smarba
Fenix has several amazing models

From: Tilzbow
You should definitely get one with a lock out feature to prevent it from accidentally being turned on when in a pack or elsewhere. I had one burn through my battery while in the pack and I had a heck of a time leading (and following) a horse down a steep narrow trail at 1:00 AM while on a Stone Sheep hunt a few years back. The bitch of it was the Black Diamond headlamp I was using had the lock out feature but I didn’t know that until I got home and started researching which headlamps had the feature…. Doh!

From: Jethro

Jethro's embedded Photo
Jethro's embedded Photo
Rechargeable. Very bright red and white . Best red I’ve ever had.

From: Pyrannah

From: wild1
Petzl Actik Core. It's what most Army Rangers use. Uses three standard batteries or also comes with a rechargeable battery. Comes with red and white lights.

From: Bou’bound
Petzl Actik Core here as well

From: McCree
I was just researching this today and came across the Peax Backcountry Duo. I really liked the reviews and the short youtube video. However, after reading this post, it looks an awful lot like the Sofirn shown above. I'll definitely looking into the Sofirn, especially since it's 1/3 the price.

From: Lawdy
I carry two Petzel Artic Core’s in my pack when running hounds, along with a spare rechargeable battery. Spend a lot of nights in the woods.

From: TGbow
I have 2 Dorcy brand rechargable head lamps..I'm pleased with them so far. I carry both of them when I hit the woods.

From: Hank_S
What ever you buy...get and carry two!

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