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Wolf expanding in Europa
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From: Huntcell

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We are not alone with an ever increasing wolf population. Europe also has a continually expanding population along with similar conflicts as in the US.

From: M.Pauls
"I think that the longer full protection lasts, the more people will see that wolves don't cause any damage and nothing bad is happening. But hunters just don't want that," he said.

Do these wolf lovers actually know what wolves do? The naivety of some of their statements is appalling

From: APauls
I went to an International Wolf Symposium in October. There’s a lot of wolf lovers out there, and their main goal and the organizations they support - is to have wolves everywhere they used to roam. So buckle up cowboy.

I have to applaud the symposium in the middle of a “wolf lover” environment to have biologists and speakers such as people from fish and game that talked about the necessity for wolf harvest and culls.

From: Shuteye
The ranchers, on the TV show Yellow Stone, know how to handle the wolf problem. Bless their hearts.

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