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camera recomendations
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davidh 20-Nov-22
APauls 20-Nov-22
Buffalo1 20-Nov-22
JohnMC 20-Nov-22
808bowhunter 20-Nov-22
From: davidh
recomendations for camera/self filming equipment?

From: APauls
Depends on your goals and budget. What are your goals? Something easy to bring along and film in good quality? Then buy a Sony video camera or whatever but make sure it’s a video camera with one button zoom. I highly recommend the LWCG Pocket arm for that scenario or whatever it’s called. A camera with a manual focus ring is good for shots in the bush.

If cinematic quality is necessary hard to beat a mirrorless DSLR type setup. Little clunkier to haul around and zooming not as easy or smooth. But quality and light abilities way better plus you’ve got a great camera ready for hero pics.

From: Buffalo1
I would stick with a well know reputable brand- Nikon or Canon. Both offer quality photos, different size cameras and both offer a lot of accessory options- lens, etc.

From: JohnMC
You more interested in a camera for photos or video? What is your budget?

From: 808bowhunter
Canon vixia is a great cam for simple quality video

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