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Okay Who Lost There Rage
Whitetail Deer
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Bowboy 26-Nov-22
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WhattheFOC 26-Nov-22
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M.Pauls 26-Nov-22
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W 26-Nov-22
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Brotsky 29-Nov-22
Dale06 29-Nov-22
Deebz 29-Nov-22
Jethro 29-Nov-22
From: Bowboy

Bowboy's embedded Photo
Bowboy's embedded Photo
I think the hunter got excited and shot at the wrong “Cage”:)

From: showme
He hit what he saw...

From: Tim257
Better penetration than I would have guessed.

From: JTreeman
Who says a rage doesn’t penetrate!?!?


From: WhattheFOC
A quality fixed blade would have planed toward the vitals.

From: Bou'bound
Just 7 inches high on the attempted brain shot

That’s why it’s better to opt for low in the chest cavity or the heart. If you’re a half a foot or so high there it’s still a dead deer half foot high on a brain shot and all you get is rack or air.

From: cnelk
Talk about jumping the string

From: M.Pauls
Shoulda shot a fixed blade

From: SBH
I’m in the better penetration than I would have thought camp. I’m thankful that arrow ended up there and not 6” lower. Crazy

From: W
Rage in the cage?

Nah, Whack in the rack

From: Chuckster
Reminds me about 15 years ago there was a guy in our camp who was a terrible shot. A buddy of mine shot a bull and needed help with the trail. Somehow, this terrible shooter ended up with us on the trail. We were being quiet blood trailing when out of nowhere, this 5x5 comes walking by at about 40yds. The bull stops broadside, the guy draws and shoots. The arrow clanked off 2-3 tines of his antlers and he ran off. He ended not getting one (or wounding one) that year.

From: Bigdog 21
Looks like someone couldn't get it close and just launched one.

From: HDE

From: JohnMC
*Really :)

From: Grey Ghost
Is that considered a shot opportunity? :-)


From: Ambush
Wonder if that was a follow up shot. Or did someone shoot the buck after someone else "missed".

Regardless, if it was my mount, I'd pull the broadhead and have the taxi repair the hole.

From: btnbuck

btnbuck's embedded Photo
btnbuck's embedded Photo
Here's another one. I found this when I was butchering my buck from this year. Buried in the top of the hip bone. The hide was completely healed over and the hair on the outside was long and normal. It must've been from at least a year ago. The screw that the blades pivot on was completely eroded away.

Don’t stare at the rack Don’t stare at the rack Don’t stare at the rack SHIT

From: Zbone
Been there done that once, hit his rack, dropped his front to his knees, hopped up, and busted out of there like shot out a cannon...8^)

From: Deathwind
That was shot from a crossbow. I’ve seen this buck at the taxidermy shop.

From: Brotsky
"Anyone know of a tracking dog near......"

"The shot looked perfect, can't believe we didn't find any sign....."

"Smoked him, heard the hit, we'll give him until morning though to be sure....."

All things this hunter likely said to his buddies, on social media, or via text. Also, posted "Bloodtrail Help" thread on Bowsite and never returned.

From: Dale06
I wonder if that shot stunned the deer for a second or two?

From: Deebz
I'd imagine that there's not as much impact from an arrow to the antler as there is when bucks are fighting hardcore... I bet he just sprinted out of there at top speed after the shot

From: Jethro
WOW. Rages are good. Don't even have to hit the body and it kills deer.

Its like throwing an axe into the antlers.

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