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Willcz 27-Nov-22
Beav 29-Nov-22
wytex 29-Nov-22
Old School 29-Nov-22
Mathewsphone 29-Nov-22
Jeff.Thomp 29-Nov-22
From: Willcz
A group of 3 are looking for a Sept/Oct 2024 archery hunt in Wyoming, Colorado or Montana. Elk or MD would be great. No pack in hunts. Some type of normal lodge or motel works for us. I have 1 Wyoming point and could get other points in 2023. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

From: Beav
Look into Crago Ranch hunts in South Dakota. Great family with a lot of property.

From: wytex
Good guy right here on this forum, get in touch with forest bows, Flat Top Adventures. Wyoming will need more than say 2 PP.

From: Old School
By the time you’ll be able to draw Wyoming it will take 5 points to draw it.

From: Mathewsphone
Rfw colo

From: Jeff.Thomp
Forestbows with Flattops Adventures!

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