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Women's hiking boots?
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wisconsinteacher 27-Nov-22
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wisconsinteacher 28-Nov-22
My wife is looking into a paif of insulated hiking boots for out west. She would like them to have some insulation and be waterproof for hiking in snow. Any suggestions?

From: KSflatlander
I don’t have a specific boot but my wife likes her Salomon’s. They are waterproof but not insulated but I believe they do make them with light insulation.

From: HDE
Shallow snow or deeper snow? Constant movement with brief periods of stopping or shorter walking periods with longer standing/sitting times? Uneven terrain or consistent turf underfoot?

Makes a big difference what she gets. In uneven terrain and unsure footing, ankle roll and arch support may very well trump insulation...

From: hdaman
Lots of great sales going on. Schnee's for one has 40% off. Good luck!

From: RonP
kenetrek makes a woman's model that has 400 gr. of insulation but is a taller hunting boot and less of a hiking boot. it would be good if the snow is deeper.

check meindl and lowa.

From: Shuteye
L. L. Beans has great boots for men and women.

From: Treeline
I would say for a solid hiking/hunting boot, Schnees boots are top notch and one heck of a good sale going on now. If just a “snow boot” then the LL Bean or Muck type boot will be good.

From: cnelk
Just about any decent boot will do - just be sure to add some gaiters

From: SBH

From: RK
My wife Stephanie really had a hard time fitting boots after her surgery for a compounded ankle fracture We eventually went with some custom fitted Lacrosse boots. She has loved them even though she is not yet up to dine long walks

My daughter Nicki and her wife went With custom fitted Shnees (sp)

Loved them on their trip to New Zealand for they honeymoon

We will be hunting uneven ground with 0-10" of snow. She is getting a pair of gators. We will not be sitting for long periods of time.

She ordered a pair of Keen's yesterday to try out. I will suggest all of the names provided. Thanks

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