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Any Athens shooters here? If so, what do you think of the Elevate? I know not many available to shoot right now, but do you like what they are offering?

I have a 2022 Athens Vista 33. I got it with the smaller DL mod, but definitely need the longer one. It's a smooth shooter for sure, but I'll see how it really tunes for next year's elk hunt.

From: Bowfreak
I no longer shoot Athens, but shot their bows in the past. They make great bows. Some of my bowhunting buddies still shoot them but I don't think they have the new bows yet. When I shot them, Athens offered bows very similar to Elite, only better in my opinion. This was prior to the Elite SET technology, but I still don't think anyone can go wrong with an Athens. Their only drawback is their limited dealer network and horrible resale value.

From: Papadeerhtr
Always liked the looks of them, never shot one though.

Our techs like them quite a bit. My son just put last years models on sale yesterday for $400 off. I know 3 sold today quickly so somebody either likes the bows or the price or both.

From: JohnMC
I remember when I used to go on Archery Talk. There was a dork of a moderator Rodney or something like that. He was the worlds biggest Athens fanboy. He ruined my opinion of them. I didn't know they were still around. Anyway random thought by John. :)

JohnMC that's funny. I didn't hear about them until this year and I bought a bow because a buddy really talked highly of them. I agree Bowfreak the resale value looks horrible. I'll probably have this one for a while now since they aren't worth much used.

From: 12yards
Athens was one of those brands you occasionally heard about. Recently, the Vista series has drawn a lot of praise. Smooth drawing, forgiving and pretty fast. And great camo/color options. A pretty basic, simple, working bow. If you are an archer that keeps a bow for a long time, it would be a good option. If you get a new bow frequently, you will take a bath on resale. The Elevate takes the same Vista cam with some new additions and puts it on a faster shorter brace bow. Should be a pretty smooth drawing bow rated at 345 fps. Should be a good bow. I'd be interested in trying one, but just bought an Elite Enkore.

Funny that not one person answered the question yet all felt somehow they’re old info was worthy of typing. Personally, can’t comment on the new Elevate as I haven’t shot it yet to compare. But maybe I should just talk about something here to seem knowledgeable and share my wisdom.

From: Bowboy
A young guy at our local club shoots one and really likes it. It’s pretty quiet.

From: midwest
Their new cam is like Elites with infinitely adjustable draw length and holding weight. I think this would be a wonderful option.

From: fuzzy

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In the spirit and tradition of Bowsite since I know nothin about Athens:

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