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Your favorite hiking boots
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From: c5ken
My son has his first spot/stalk elk hunt scheduled for 2023. He's in the market for top quality boots. What do you recommend, knowing that perfect fit is a must.

From: JTreeman
Whatever fits him best. We can’t tell him what fits his feet. He needs to try a bunch on and make a decision for himself.

I personally like Crispi and Lowa. Some guys love Hanwag and Kenetreck I hate them. The are all good quality IMO, but some don’t fit me.


^^^^ That. My favorite used to be Lowa Renegades until I tried on a pair of Crispi Nevadas. There’s a reason there are so many manufacturers/models…everyone’s feet are different so what’s my favorite may very well be someone else’s least favorite.

From: PECO2
Lowa Renegade for me, that may not be good for your son though.

From: RonP
Meindl are the best for me.

From: Old School
Lowa Caminos and Kenetreck Hardscrabbles for me. Have him go try on a bunch of boots, as has already been said, what one person loves another hates.

From: Papadeerhtr

From: Jaquomo
Crispi Thor's. Tied with a pair of Irish Setters they no longer make.

From: Tilzbow
For early season hunts I wear a Lowa leather lined or Asolo leather lined or any other stiff hiker that’s leather lined. Leather lined boots are way cooler and way more comfortable than Goretex boots (leather lined breath way better!) but when the weather turns wet I switch to Goretex boots since none of the leather lined boots hood out water well.

From: Michael
I agree with what others have said when it comes to everyone’s foot is different.

I used to use Salomon Quest 4D GTX. Not sure if they are still made or what version they are on if they are. They are a good boot.

Now days I wear Crispi Summit’s. They fit my feet perfectly.

From: Slate

Slate's embedded Photo
Slate's embedded Photo
Kenetrek Mt Extreme

From: PushCoArcher
Love my Crispi's by far and away my favorite. I've owned a pair of the orginal summits for years and are in good shape still especially considering the abuse they've seen. Picked up a pair of crispi Nevada's this year that I just got broke in and love. Owner a pair of Salolomon 4 GTX and they were comfortable boots that were good for lighter hiking but they were a little light on the ankle support for steeper stuff and they began coming apart in less then two years.

From: ahawkeye
Oboz Bridger, I just wore my first pair out this year LOVED them! Will be ordering more soon!

From: bowhunt
I have to get boots in a wide.

My first pair of kenetrecks were great. After two years the heal started to leak. The next couple pairs never fit right.

Next I tried the SCARPA Pro gtx. They don’t make a wide. Great boot just didn’t work for me. Gave them to my buddy, he loved them and got a good 3 more years of use out of them.

The Crispi nevadas have been great for me. I’m on year three, the treads about gone, no leaks yet. Great quality boot.

The Crispi Nevada or SCARPA pro gtx would be my recommendation depending on your foot

From: Bigdog 21

Bigdog 21's embedded Photo
Bigdog 21's embedded Photo

From: Bou'bound
Lows Tibet gtx

From: DanaC
Back when I handled uphill and downhill better I wore of Asolo all-leather boots. Called them my 'bionic ankles'. Have never trusted a boot so much since. They were overbuilt for hiking but I'm overweight, so... ;-)

Would definitely look at that brand for quality. As said above, fit is foremost.

My Mountain Extremes have been with me in British Columbia, Montana, Alaska, allllll over Missouri, and soon to be Kodiak Island. They’ve done extremely well in all accounts. I’m hoping I can get them resoled soon, as the little rubber lip around the bottom of the boot is starting to peel back. Have a lot of sentimental value in these boots so I hope they’re repairable

From: Will

Awesome hiking/backpacking boots from New Hampshire. They have custom and standard options.

Meindl light hikers Kenetrek mtn extremes Crispi Mesa gtx are some of mine

From: DanaC
JTreeman - "Whatever fits him best. We can’t tell him what fits his feet. He needs to try a bunch on and make a decision for himself. "

This ^^^ . FIT is more important than 'brand'.

Every shoe maker uses a slightly different 'model' of the 'typical' foot. (It's called a 'last'.) Some will be closer to YOUR foot shape than others. Don't get hung up on 'brand x' and tell yourself that it will be comfortable 'later'. It fits *now*, or it never will.

From: goyt
For elk hunting I like a boot that is quieter than I might use for sheep or Mtn goat. I have a very old pair of Kenetrek boots that are too noisy for me when walking around in elk country. I have a couple pair of meindl prefect hunters that provide a little less support but make a lot less noise. A tread that great for climbing rocky areas may not be best for sneaking around elk country.

From: Pyrannah

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