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Bow Killed Cape Buffalo
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Dino 01-Dec-22
drycreek 01-Dec-22
Ironbow 01-Dec-22
Green Chile 08-Jan-23
Beendare 09-Jan-23
From: Dino
Anyone here have links to good videos of bow killed Cape Buffalo. Also, how might I find Pat’s super cool Cape Buffalo Hunt? That was bad ass!

From: drycreek
Try YouTube ?

From: Ironbow
There is an old one of Phil Phillips shooting one in the nose as it was head on. He shot a bit high.

From: Green Chile
That Phil Phillips Youtube hunt is wild. An arrow buried to the fletching in the nostril of the buffalo and he stays on his feet...then a 2nd arrow disappears into the chest on frontal shot. Those buffalo are tough, tough.

From: Beendare
My Australian water buff footage used to be here on Bowsite vids from about 15 yrs ago….poor resolution on the download back then….hard to see the arrow hung up on the fletching sticking straight out his off side when he cranes his nose to sniff my BH….and spooks when he smells his own blood.

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