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Black Swan Elk Hunt
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JTreeman 01-Dec-22
Treeline 01-Dec-22
bowhunt 01-Dec-22
Ambush 01-Dec-22
Bowbender 01-Dec-22
midwest 01-Dec-22
JTreeman 02-Dec-22
From: JTreeman
Hey guys, I’m looking for a bit of a black swan it seems. I am apparently a little late to the game, but here it goes. I’m looking for a September 2024 archery elk hunt. Not looking for giants, but reasonable expectation of opportunity at bulls in the mid to high 200’s. Location doesn’t matter too much as long as I can get a tag. Style of hunting I’m open as well, horses, quads, ranch, backpack, etc,

I have Points in CO and WY, but not enough to draw anything. So that leaves me CO OTC which is my last option (for various reasons), Utah maybe, Alberta or another Provence, possibly MT (but probably would need 1 point there), maybe a NM LO tag if it fit the budget, open to any other suggestions. I thought I had an Utah thing lined up, but it fell through.

I know it’s not really the Bowsite way, but looking more for outfitter suggestions than DIY options, just lack the time to really be successful on long distance DIY right now. Price range is fairly broad, probably $10k, maybe a smidge more.

If anyone has a possible recommendation for an outfitter or even a booking agent I’m all ears, I’d even be open to a newer type outfit without a lot of references/experience if the the rest seemed right. Thanks for any suggestions.


From: Treeline
Contact Forest at Flattops Adventures (Bowsite sponsor). He runs a great outfit with opportunities for good elk and occasionally some dandies.

From: bowhunt
You say your looking for opportunities on bulls in the mid to high 200’s

Did you mean 300’s?

having a budget of up to $10k made me think that may have been a typo.

From: Ambush
I thought maybe Jim was looking for an actual black swan and probably with a blowgun.

From: Bowbender
Landowner tag New Mexico.

From: midwest
Rod, I think he already has one!

From: JTreeman
Thanks guys, I’ve contacted a few that were recommended via Pm, but still looking, any other suggestions appreciated.

Thanks —jim

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