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Who else spends the winter
Small Game
Contributors to this thread:
RJ Hunt 03-Dec-22
Bigdog 21 03-Dec-22
PECO2 03-Dec-22
Jaquomo 03-Dec-22
Huntiam 04-Dec-22
Jeff Durnell 04-Dec-22
ahawkeye 04-Dec-22
RonP 04-Dec-22
MA-PAdeerslayer 04-Dec-22
Lawdy 04-Dec-22
WV Mountaineer 04-Dec-22
ahunter76 04-Dec-22
Glunt@work 05-Dec-22
wytex 05-Dec-22
Shuteye 05-Dec-22
From: RJ Hunt

RJ Hunt's embedded Photo
RJ Hunt's embedded Photo
…. Hunting coyotes? While I use a rifle for them Mostly have taken one… yes just one with a bow. What do you guys do to pass the winter time?

From: Bigdog 21
Ducks and geese

From: PECO2
Ice fishing.

From: Jaquomo
Ice fishing, hiking, and hunting with my wife. Her first rifle deer season starts in the morning.

From: Huntiam

From: Jeff Durnell
I make bows, arrows, knives, guns, quivers, tan hides, and make any other gear I want for next year. Bow season is r&r. Once it's over, it's time to get busy.

From: ahawkeye
I usually have to do whatever my wife tells me then I coach grade school wrestling then I coach baseball. When my kids are done playing sports I'll probably hunt more and look for arrow heads, never have found one, still looking.

From: RonP
i bird hunt through january. after that, not much or enough. i have gotten lazy.

i will walk and hike more this coming year as i prepare for a fall elk hunt. i will draw a wyoming elk tag.

Being in the heating industry, allot of no heat calls. Some coyote hunting and ice fishing….and of course some Scouting for deer to see where they’re at once the season ends

From: Lawdy
Chasing hare with my beagles, and trapping. Coaching starts in mid March. I also have studio sessions in the winter and gig some.

Work. I leave it’s dark. I get home it is dark. On the weekends I work sone more.

From: ahunter76
I build/repair arrows for myself & 8 family members. I "try" to make as many indoor tournaments as possible (300s) & our big state & NFAA indoor sectionals. If possible we try to get a group to go to Ok (usually) to bowhunt wild hogs in Feb.. Gets us out of the snow & cold for a few days. I elected not to Deer hunt this year so thinking about some bunny bowhunting after Deer gun season is over.

From: Glunt@work
Kids hockey and volleyball, goose hunting, coyotes, build arrows. I work outside a lot so sometimes I just want to do inside stuff on a winter day off.

From: wytex
Trapping in Wyoming and hog hunting this year in Texas again.

From: Shuteye

Shuteye's embedded Photo
Shuteye's embedded Photo
Deer hunting behind my house, hoping for some snow. I love hunting in the snow. I also live trap coons for a coon hunter friend that uses them to train puppies.

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