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Pet Peeve
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From: Cornpone
I just purchased several treestands from a particular website. It aggravates me that they all have to come with a fall safety harness. Why isn't there an "opt out" selection? I have a good one...will throw all five lesser units in the garbage.

From: tm
While I agree there should be an opt out I would donate or otherwise find a use for them. Heck you might be able to get someone that doesn't use one or have one a good deal.

From: WhattheFOC
If those are the Muddy ones, I challenge you to figure one out. That has to be the most convoluted abortion of a harness I’ve ever seen.

From: Cornpone
I have a Seat of the Pants harness. Absolutely excellent due primarily to the inter-locking rectangles. I see no other as good.

From: JohnMC
Because when a dumb ass falls from a tree not wearing one. They feel they might be sued for not providing one.

From: 4nolz@work
Liability.The World is run by lawyers.

Give them away

From: SlipShot
I have a box of unused safety harness, who do I donate them to?

From: RonP
Why isn't there an "opt out" selection?

Liability and attorneys. The hoops businesses have to jump through to protect themselves and reduce risk is jaw dropping.

The manufacturer's attorney and their insurance company required it. No exceptions, I am sure of it.

From: goyt
I have purchased a bunch of stands with harnesses. I certainly agree with you. I knew a guy who was not using any so I gave him one for himself and one for each of his kids. Most of the rest I just tossed once the pile got too big. I am sure that everyone is loosing on this one. The cost to manufacture, the cost to buy, the energy to manufacture. transport and dispose of them. Plus, they will be in a landfill forever. The number of them has to be huge. I would think that some trade association could deal with this.

From: Shug
That’s your pet peeve? Paleeezzz I have a wife that still watches regular definition channels when we pay extra each month for high def

From: Meat Grinder
SlipShot--I bet your state bowhunting association or a local club could find someone who could use them

From: Zbone
My pet peeves, left lane drivers and buck and doe "hook-ups" during the rut, lock down...8^)

From: PECO2
My pet peeve, I have to press enter and accept terms and conditions every time I turn on my fish finder. And the fish finder did not come with a good hard copy of instructions.

From: Bowbender
Pet peeve..... why do I need to enter credit card data for a free trial.

From: nehunter
I put them on Facebook marketplace for free, just pay for shipping. You would be surprised how happy people are to get them.

From: fuzzy
Donate them to your DNR, DWR etc for hunter safety classes.

Please contact your fish and wildlife department . They can offer them to the instructors of the bow hunter safety classes. It sends a strong message when we fell so strongly about safety we give new hunters the tools to stay safe.

From: sitO
Take them to your state Bowhunters Convention, grab a table and put a FREE sign on them. We do that, and people bring all kinds of used or unneeded items, most if not all are gone quickly.

From: ahunter76
Harnesses to donate. 1-Check with local archery club if you have one OR leave at a club when you go to a shoot. 2-High School that has archery program. 3-Advetise on your local free classified FB page 4-Any local sportsman club.. SOMEONE can use it.. I lean toward kids getting things I donate.

From: smarba
Great ideas! For sure give away before you throw away!

From: Dale06
One word, lawyers.

From: Matt
"My pet peeves, left lane drivers...."

Now that is a problem worth solving.

When I buy stuff, it usually comes with packaging and instructions that I throw out. Pretty easy to just leave the safety harness in the box when disposing of it.

From: arlone
My IQ wasn't high enough to figure out any, including a Seat-of-thePants I paid money for. I bought a HunterSafety vest style. Easy for an old man to figure.

From: PECO2
It isn't the lawyers, it's our laws.

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