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MI Deerfarm Couple Starved 41 Deer
Whitetail Deer
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From: Zbone

Zbone's Link

"Michigan Couple 'Abandoned' Deer Farm During Divorce, Starved 41 Deer to Death"

From: Screwball
Why would the DNR care they want all the deer farms gone anyway. One less nuisance for them.

From: DanaC
41 deer in a pen is a recipe for disease. Definitely a 'nuisance' for DNR, especially if they escape into the wild. Have to agree, want them all gone.

From: Dale06
Hope they spend some years behind bars. That’s just terrible.

From: tobywon
Whether the DNR wants the deer farms or not, that couple letting the animals starve is just not right. Especially when authorities returned to find more dead deer and feed was still in bags in the barn. Put them in jail and starve them for a bit to see how it feels.

From: APauls
Amazing how they could see the dead deer from the driveway and yet she had no clue he wasn't feeding them. Scum

From: buckhammer
I believe there is a specific time frame in which the DNR or a state conservation officer is to conduct an inspection of a deer farm here in Michigan to make sure that they are in compliance with the rules and regulations of operating of one. It would be interesting to know when that last inspection was done or if it was done.

From: Zbone

Zbone's Link
More detailed version with photo of some of the emaciated deer... Very sad to view deer or any animal for that matter in that condition:

If they were domesticated and starved to death: Especially over a divorce. Both people should be starved nearly to death. In the same cage. Full of their own feces and piss.

People are so lazy and self serving it’s scary.

Insane! ... Could've killed the deer before starving them and donated a lot of meat to those in need.

From: scentman
How could either one of them sleep at night knowing those deer were dying a slow painful death? Sad, truth is many animals suffer at the hands of their caretakers.

From: Grey Ghost
The least they could have done is just open the damn gate and give the deer a chance to survive.


They are even worse than a poacher. Lock em up

Absolutely disgusting. They should be in the same pen with food and water visible but unreachable right outside the fence for a week or more and no visitors allowed but society’s softness won’t allow. “Do unto others as you wouldn’t want done to you” doesn’t apply anymore. Really irritating that there’s an option for a plea deal with no felony! Next article the judge will order a ribbon of some sort for good behavior!

From: Duke

I’d imagine their egos and emotions played into this as the two waged war against one another, but it’s just sad that the captive animals, which are true wild animals, were led to death this way.

From: Bigdog 21
It happen more then you think. Dogs cats horses alot of horses turned loose in national forest. Dogs and cats dumped. They will more then likely get a fine and make small minable payments. And probation.

From: Mule Power
Animal cruelty is unforgivable! No excuse.

From: fuzzy
Tim Floyd I agree. Better to kill em for the buzzards that let em starve.


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