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Newbie elk hunter question
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Creed 14-Dec-22
Grey Ghost 14-Dec-22
Brotsky 14-Dec-22
Mule Power 14-Dec-22
HDE 14-Dec-22
From: Creed
I am new to elk hunting. The area I hunt usually has leftover cow tags for rifle seasons. I tried with one this year, but I saw bulls, no cows. I am follow the advice of going into isolated areas of dark timber, north facing slopes, etc. Where does one find cow elk once the breeding season is complete in later October rifle seasons?

From: Grey Ghost
"Where does one find cow elk once the breeding season is complete in later October rifle seasons?"

Private property, or other sanctuaries where they can't be hunted, mostly.


From: Brotsky
Food and safety are the priorities, and most often that means private land. I would not be afraid to knock on some doors though. I have gotten access to private ranches for late season cows that wouldn't let you sniff an earlier season hunt. True ranches hate cow elk and most of the time they want them shot or hazed. The dept of wildlife for the state you're in may require access to hunt cows as well as a stipulation of receiving depredation pay outs. You might check with your states game dept to see if they have a list.

From: Mule Power
Tell us more about your area. Big mountains? High country? Private land nearby? It’s hard to answer the question without knowing what options the elk have. Cows will drop to where life is easier and better for calves before bulls do.

From: HDE
Depends on how much pressure they get. I've seen late season cows hang out at 10,000 feet in Nov when pressure was too high down lower.

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