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Hand warmers and doe in heat scent
Whitetail Deer
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Jaybee 14-Dec-22
Aspen Ghost 14-Dec-22
KSflatlander 14-Dec-22
scentman 14-Dec-22
APauls 14-Dec-22
From: Jaybee
So while bow hunting a few weeks ago in cold weather I had forgot to put out my doe in heat scent tab before I climbed up in the stand. I then thought hey maybe I could just put it on a hand warmer and throw it out of the stand. I believe the now heating hand warmer more easily vaporized the doe in heat scent. Had the most buck sightings that I had all season. Has anyone else ever tried this and what were your results?

From: Aspen Ghost
Seems like about 50 years ago they sold scent dispersers that attached to the Jone E hand warmers.

From: KSflatlander
I have put a hand warmer inside of a cloth with doe in heat. Can’t say that it made a difference as I have only had estrus scent help once that I know of. That was just getting a trolling buck to stop. I shot him as he was sniffing the rag (without a hand warmer). He scored 154 net.

I’m guessing the deer can smell the hand warmer too. There are chemicals in there causing an exothermic reaction so I’ll bet they can smell it. Hell, they seem smell what I’m thinking sometimes lol.

From: scentman
That's what they mean by a "hot and cold trail" I'm not a scientist but whenever I dispersed warm scent it seemed to have better results... like the smell of a nice hot cup of coffee compared to a cold one, presentation is everything!

From: APauls
I believe commercial scents are one of the biggest scams ever in the hunting industry. The only scent I pay money for is Smokeys pre-orbital for starting mock scrapes.

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