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On the recent lighted nock thread, nock durability/straightness (or the lack thereof) was mentioned quite a few times.

For those of you who don’t use lighted nocks, have you found some brands of arrows have better or worse “stock nocks” than others? Do you replace your nocks with more durable/straighter non-illuminated nocks?

Reason I ask (anecdotal evidence inbound) is that on a recent hunt that involved beating through quite a bit of brush, 2 of my “stock nocks” in my quiver were damaged just from simply walking/pulling my bow through heavy brush. One was bent badly and one was pulled out of the arrow altogether. I have never had this problem with illuminated nocks, although I’ll admit this was a “first” for me, but also the first time I’ve really had to carry my bow through heavy cover now that I think about it, as most of my hunting is field edges or trails.

The arrows in question were Black Eagle X-Impacts. Those of you who have had the same thing happen with illuminated nocks feel free to post as well, we will just make this a general nock failure thread

It seems like durability and straightness might not necessarily be an illuminated/no illuminated issue, more so than it is an every nock issue.

I've lost a arrow out of both a hip and bow quiver hunting but never a nock. I suspect you have either a shaft or nock issue. The shaft could have a hair line crack on the nock end or the wrong size nock. The nock should fit snug in the shaft.

From: smarba
Check out Easton Microlite, they are very short, so less material outside the shaft to get damaged.

From: bigeasygator
The nocks on my Easton 6.5mm have been some of the best factory nocks I've seen IMO. Edit: just checked, looks like they come with the Easton Micro-Lites. So two votes for the Micro-Lites.

From: Ironbow
Easton Super nocks have always been really good for me.

I’ve never had a problem with Easton. Microlite 6.5, Super nocks, ‘X’ nocks, ‘G’ nocks, I’ve pretty much used them all at some point with zero complaints.

From: Z Barebow
Easton Super Nocks. I believe that is what comes with FMJ's and 0.0 problems.

From: tm
G nocks with unibushings.

From: Matt
The best nocks are probably Beiter, but the stock Easton nocks have always worked well for me.


BoggsBowhunts's embedded Photo
BoggsBowhunts's embedded Photo
Seems like I’m in a rare boat with having nock malfunctions. This is what I saw looking down at my quiver by the end of the hunt.

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