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Best Lighted Nock!
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Z Barebow 15-Dec-22
jmiller 15-Dec-22
ILbowhntr 15-Dec-22
Bowhunter09 15-Dec-22
skull 15-Dec-22
Bou’bound 15-Dec-22
JTreeman 15-Dec-22
EmptyFreezer 15-Dec-22
Pat Bischoff 15-Dec-22
Tracker 15-Dec-22
Buckdeer 16-Dec-22
Groundhunter 16-Dec-22
luckychucky 16-Dec-22
KHNC 16-Dec-22
X-Master 16-Dec-22
Eric Sprick 17-Dec-22
JTreeman 17-Dec-22
PECO2 18-Dec-22
kakiatkids 18-Dec-22
From: Z Barebow
To keep other threads on task.

What is your preferred lighted nock?

I used to use Nockturnals. I went back to regular nocks as I was working through some tuning issues. Now they fly well. BUT I have old design Nockturnals (Which gripped the string same as regular nocks) and the "latest" version of Nockturnals. (Which are too loose on serving) My arrows will fall off string with any movement.

Out local deer management hunt requires lighted nocks. I still shoot fingers/barebow, so I am not shooting 60+ yards. Lastly, I have color sensitivity/blindness issues. So anything I can do to find arrow or see the point of impact help me assess the shot and tracking. I shoot FMJ 5 mm arrows.

THX in advance.

From: jmiller
15-Dec-22 I shoot these no-name brand I get off of Amazon. Occasionally one won't light or lights when I nock, so I use those for practice. Otherwise they work great and are inexpensive.

From: ILbowhntr
Lumenock, green.

From: Bowhunter09
Nocturnal for me. They have helped me locate arrows many times

From: skull
Nocturnal red

From: Bou’bound
Nocturnal green

From: JTreeman
Glory Nock are similar but far superior to Nocturnals IMO.


From: EmptyFreezer
Nocturnal Green

From: Pat Bischoff
Deepower strobe

From: Tracker
Firenock is the best but pricey

From: Buckdeer
Nocturnal and put a little string wax on and slip in arrow,just buy the right size and they work great

From: Groundhunter
Lumenoc for ease of turn off, just shake it with gripper. Nocs are good also. Never had issue with either

From: luckychucky
Firenock is my choice. Brighter than all others. Replaceable battery. Change colors of the nock. No questions asked for refresh (replace) of the rocket science circuit whether it gets Robin Hooded, lost in the woods for years or just quits working for any reason. My practice quiver is twelve arrows all with firenock. There is a certain cool factor at the range. There is a little more work involved with gluing the extreme shock endcap but I enjoy the process. No tool needed to shut off.

From: KHNC
Firenock is undisputed best and most expensive. The others are NOT better, Just cheaper. Much Cheaper.

From: X-Master
I used Nocturnal and Lumenock for several years, but I prefer the Vesta lighted nock made by Wasp Archery. Best on/off switch system that I have seen. No extra tools and easy on/off switch. Plus, they make it in orange which I really like better than the usual reds and greens of most manufacturers and they are reasonably priced.

From: Eric Sprick

Eric Sprick's embedded Photo
Eric Sprick's embedded Photo
Been happy with Nocturnals

From: JTreeman

From: PECO2
Nocturnals, I've used red, green, and currently using pink. I may try some of those fire nocks next.

From: kakiatkids
Nocturnal Green. Tried them (first lighted noc actually) and love them. I will never use any other.

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