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Traveling buck
Whitetail Deer
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From: Scrappy

Scrappy's Link
Cool story, buck went for a long walk.

From: Adam B
Very cool story.

From: Zbone
Thanks for sharing... But yeah, don't think he was really exceptional, I believe a lot of bucks travel long distances, they just happen to have a radio collar on one that did:

"He left his adult home range in northwest Missouri on November 4, 2017, and traveled 186 miles over 22 days, an average of more than 8 miles per day. That distance in a straight line could have taken the buck across the entire width of northern Missouri and well into Illinois. As it was, the straight-line distance from start to finish of 134 miles is more than five times the next closest adult buck dispersal movement in scientific records, 25 miles."

From: Recurve Man
Very interesting read. Woulda never guessed a midwestern WT to travel that much. During the rut and basically only stopping in the daylight hours. They are amazing creatures for sure. I know where i hunt they also use underground bunkers to hide in when they hit the 5.5 yr old mark. They simply amaze me and i guess that's what draws me to the WT addiction.

From: Aspen Ghost
Poor guy was being bullied by all the other deer for wearing that necklace. They wouldn't let him play in any whitetaildeer games. He heard about a jolly old guy that might have use for a special deer so he went looking for him.

From: WhattheFOC
Olive, the other white tailed deer, used to laugh and call him names.

It’s absurd to not believe this kind of movement is rare. There is Too much disease popping up in otherwise isolated populations. Too many random buck pics in late November on cell cams. Etc…

From: sticksender
Fascinating study....they sure can be amazing animals.

From: APauls
Super interesting. I love the line about how there are a million deer in Missouri. If you were to assume only 1 in 10,000 deer elicit this behaviour, that means it happens to 100 deer in Missouri. We track so few deer, who knows what the ratio of deer is that do this kind of thing.

From: CTBobcat
wow. so crazy

From: PK
very interesting read for sure!

From: PushCoArcher
Awesome article thanks for posting!

From: Wildan2
I think I just read this buck was shot,picture showed collar and ear tags.

If you would have read the story you would know it was found dead in June, possibly from EHD

From: Recurve Man
Dan I also read the article your referring to. The buck was from Alabama the one the collard and then was finally shot by a hunter.

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