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PA Elk
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Gene 23-Dec-22
Straight Shooter 23-Dec-22
Fields 23-Dec-22
Zbone 24-Dec-22
BULELK1 24-Dec-22
huntabsarokee 24-Dec-22
huntr4477 24-Dec-22
From: Gene
Any info or photos of PA elk? I am at 19 points, haven't applied for a tag the last few years,only a preference point. Things are different in my life now and I should start applying for a tag again this year.

Over a million people put in poor chance to draw even with 19 points. You can put in for both drawings but each has its own points. Tough to draw but no question you should apply. I grew up near the area and here are some monsters.

From: Fields
20 points here and i'm doubting I ever draw... like winning the lottery.. Huge bulls for sure.. Not saying its a guarantee to kill, but put in the time and it sure seems to happen to a lot of hunters who draw.

From: Zbone
17 regular and 3 archery points for me...


BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo

BULELK1's Link
This is a Pa Bull, my heck!!

And the story link above.

Good luck, Robb


huntabsarokee's embedded Photo
huntabsarokee's embedded Photo
I don’t think they publish draw odds anymore but this is for 2018. Looks like around 40,000 applicants. For 2018 they also had odds by how many points you had but think that was before they added the archery tag.

From: huntr4477
I was lucky enough to draw a cow tag in 2018. I had 17 preference points at the time. I always applied for "any sex-any zone". Now I apply for "bull only". I know the chances of getting drawn a second time are pretty slim ,but ya never know .

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