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Bear travels 1000 miles
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From: Huntcell

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Published December 24, 2022 4:43pm EST Relocated 'nuisance' bear travels 1,000 miles across 4 states to return to park The bear's journey back to the park took 6 months

By Andrew Mark Miller | Fox News

From: deerhunter72
Pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Yep. Had a buddy working on the bear study the state did for a decade. He trapped nuisance bears. He’d drive the 100 or more miles to release them. They’d be back in the same dumpster in three days.

Wildlife are like people. Some wander by nature and some are homebodies. But, wildlife in habitat consisting of little to no agriculture, will travel unbelievable distances to find what they need.

My dad killed a fox squirrel this year in a lone hickory tree, a thousand yards from the nearest tree. The woods closest woods were full of hickory to cut. But, this dude liked that tree. I saw him in it the weekend before he killed it.

From: Aspen Ghost
It traveled 1000 miles to get to the park that was 50 miles away. Must not have a very good sense of direction.

From: stealthycat
that's right - he traveled 50 miles straight lined and it was 1000 miles walked - I imagine if you tracked most animals they travel a lot of miles just walking around

“It traveled 1000 miles to get to the park that was 50 miles away. Must not have a very good sense of direction.”

I think I must be related!

From: DanaC
Bears roam a fair amount. Local biologist told me about a bear from central Mass. that traveled to just outside Hartford CT, spent a month raiding local bird feeders, then returned to it's 'home' area. The people radio-tracking it were surprised ;-)

Unreal didn’t think they went that far.

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