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The irony of it all
Whitetail Deer
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greenmountain 25-Dec-22
Woods Walker 26-Dec-22
Bou'bound 26-Dec-22
I have been working out of state this week. I am a hunter: not just a bow hunter. I hunted all of the seasons offered. One of my younger friends sent me a picture this week It is a week after the last deer season closed. Three deer were by his truck in broad daylight munching on the grass in the areas that were not snow covered. It is interesting to me to find that many of the land owners near me choose this time of year to drop trees so the deer can eat the tops through the winter. We hunters seem to hunt deer in the fall and protect them the rest of the year. Merry Christmas, Bob

From: Woods Walker
And the older you get, the more it's not so much the kill, but the hunt. That, and the meat is my "trophy".

One thing's for sure though, I NEVER tire of watching them. They fascinate me!

From: Bou'bound
Only ironic for those that don’t know a hunters heart. For those that do it is absolutely “ronic”. Makes total sense to us.

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