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First Elk Hunt
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DL 26-Dec-22
ahawkeye 26-Dec-22
RonP 26-Dec-22
RJ Hunt 26-Dec-22
Whocares 26-Dec-22
Grey Ghost 26-Dec-22
PushCoArcher 26-Dec-22
From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo

From: ahawkeye
You never know what you're going to need! A gang of bears, a gang of mountain lions, and a gang of wolves could have a beatdown knock out fight in your camp in the middle of a snowstorm! You just never know...

From: RonP
next season he'll have a 1 ton diesel crew cab and be pulling a trailer.

From: RJ Hunt
I have got to everything I pack with the exception of my coolers will fit in the cab of my truck. In the past I took the loaded truck, travel trailer and the works but I have soon reverted back to what I need and nothing more.

From: Whocares

From: Grey Ghost
Looks like how my wife packs for a trip. ;-)


From: PushCoArcher
Looked like my truck on my first trip out west! In the decade sense I've realized most of that crap is completely unnecessary and sits around unused until you have to repack it. Spent 14 days this year in Wyoming everything fit in the bed of my Tacoma with a topper.

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