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From: Pat Lefemine
Yesterday I hunted my redneck blind in Ohio. I had it sealed up with all windows closed and the two roof vents blocked.

The wind was terrible for this blind but it was the only blind my target buck has been frequenting so I decided to hunt it.

Two hours before sunset a lone doe came in and was straight downwind and never got nervous. I decided to test whether my scent was contained by the blind or if the wind was carrying it in such a way that it was not getting to the doe, so I opened the corner window as I would if I was going to shoot her.

About 10 seconds after opening the corner window the doe got alarmed and clearly winded me. It ran off 15 yards, alarmed. I closed the blind window and after a couple minutes the doe came back and became comfortable again.

I’m not sponsored by Redneck or trying to promote them. But it’s pretty evident that when they are sealed up, meaning all windows shut tightly and the vents sealed, that they are pretty good at containing human odor.

The downside is when they are sealed In really cold temperatures the windows fog up pretty bad.

I thought it was a neat experiment.

From: Shiloh
I am a little surprised by that, but it’s good to know. If you had been shut up in one down here yesterday you would have likely had a heat stroke

I’ve used Redneck, Banks and Muddy blinds for years and often have similar results. We take some other precautions too. Redneck and Muddy seal the tightest of the three. We always try to have the wind in our favor but deer don’t always follow the script.

From: Dale06
Interesting and thanks for sharing that info

Pat try a defogger on the windows. Blind with plexi windows In PA I used my hockey visor spray and it helped tremendously!!

From: GFL
Same results with all mine. I don’t even use my haybale blinds anymore.

From: Pat Lefemine
MA-deerslayer, I do use a defogger but on really cold days it’s not that effective. They are glass windows not plexiglass.

From: goyt
Thanks for the information. I may have to buy some.

From: t-roy
I tried the defogger spray on the windows in my Muddy blind, and it didn’t seem to help very much for me, either. They are glass, as well. Makes me wonder if plexiglass/lexan is the key. I have a squeegee AND an ice scraper in my blind. The heater buddy helps to keep it warmer in the blind, but puts even more moisture in the air, and seems to fog things over even quicker.

From: peter.p
So the deer can't see you and have no chance smelling you?? The challenge exists in trying to slide the window open undetected?? What's the point of going hunting?

Ohhhh ok. Yes it does not work that well on glass windows.

From: Bou’bound
Peter. They can still read your mind if you don’t address the electromagnetic field issue so you are not home free in the blind. Still challenges to,overcome and senses to defeat. Hunting deer will never be easy. They are too adapatable and aware for that to happen.

From: fuzzy
Boubound is right. You also need to be careful posting specific hunt plans on social media since the younger does have an online presence.

From: sticksender
I don't know I'm kinda in the peter.p camp....on my tree-stand hunts I bring the satellite radio and blast the Heavy Metal station at full volume. I do a few jumping jacks every 5-10 minutes or so (note the added bonus of maintaining fitness). All while dressed in bright fluorescent colors head to toe. That way if I manage to kill a deer, I know in my heart it was completely fair to that animal.

From: Stressless

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^ well done Sticksender. ????

PAt I used my rednecks for the dirat time this year and used there window defogger - it worked well, you need to use within a day or so using the blind doesn't 'stick' for very long.

From: scentman
Just spray "Scrapejuice" on the outside of it... problem solved. ;0]

From: SteveB
Just use a bit of urine on it.....don't forget, its "redneck"

They should be called Amish blinds up there. Just saying. :)

Check out 360 blinds. Awesome quality.

From: milnrick
We currently use a Nature Blind (that big tree stump looking thing) and 2 Redneck Bale Blinds.

The Nature Blind has 5 sliding plexiglass windows - each working on their own cord/pulley system. Like the other hard sided blinds they do tend to fog up. We've learned to keep the windows we expect to shoot from open from the start to the end of the hunt. We haven't had too much of an issue being busted - but I suspect it's because we wear black fleece outer layers.

Similarly, the bale blinds - we keep the windows we anticipate shooting from open when we're in the blind and haven't had der spook or wind us.

That said, I think our movement to get ready for a shot is masked by our black clothing inside a black background; and wonder if movement of a camo-clad hunter inside a black background is what's tipping (or spooking) the animals off.


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