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From: Flyingarcher
Anybody have recent information/reviews on any of the following Mountain Lion outfitters? I've read the stuff on some of these folks and it can be quite dated. 1. Canyon Rim 2. Bull Basin 3. Lobo 4. Cat Track 5. Track 'em

From: Mathewsphone
All good people good luck lions are being taken with the snow we have been getting

Is cayon rim Scott Summers? Good guy! Almost my neighbor

I hunted with Chad from Bull Basin. Dean is the owner. Really great hunt. They are serious hunters and cat people. Good luck. G

From: Buglmin
You've never ran lions till you've chased lions with Mike from Lobo outfitters. These guys just plain kill lions, and kill some of the bigger lions. And with them being able to chase lions of the Forbes Ranch in the San Louis valley, Colorado and some ranches in NM, you'll kill a cat, and a big one at that.

From: Dirty D

Dirty D's Link

From: wytex
Add Shaymus Wyman to your list here in Wyoming. Good guy and takes big cats too.

From: g5smoke21
Cat track. Fred and his boys will get you a cat

From: Moche
I have to 2nd Mike Ray with Lobo outfitters. they kill big lions.

My opinion Biggerstaff is the go to lion outfitter in Colorado.

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