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Great place to buy arrows
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nchunter 07-Jan-23
Beendare 07-Jan-23
fdp 07-Jan-23
nchunter 07-Jan-23
craigmcalvey 08-Jan-23
From: nchunter
I purchased a dozen arrows from a company in Florida called South Shore Archery. I received the arrows in about 8 days and they were made exactly like I wanted them. They were great people to talk with on the phone giving great advice. The quality of the build was great. I like giving a shout out to companies that make a difference.

From: Beendare
Jerry has been around a long time and does a good job.

I build my own, I was an Axis shaft guy for decades but now the Linkboy ($36, doz) and Accmos ($40 doz) have been excellent

From: fdp
You'll never find a better place to buy arrows then Big Jim's Archery if he has what you want. He's forgotten more about arrow spine than many will ever learn.

Doesn't matter if it's for a compound or a traditional bow.

From: nchunter
Its nice hearing of archery stores that do excellent work. Gives you more options to purchase quality products from good folks.

From: craigmcalvey
Beendare are those arrows truly what you use or is that sarcasm? I looked at the accmos and they do have a lot of options….but they are so cheap compared to the usual brands that I’d be concerned about the consistency.


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