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Whitetail Deer
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Zbone 09-Jan-23
t-roy 09-Jan-23
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buckeye 09-Jan-23
midwest 09-Jan-23
APauls 09-Jan-23
RD in WI 09-Jan-23
Dale06 09-Jan-23
Pat Lefemine 09-Jan-23
deerhunter72 09-Jan-23
spike78 09-Jan-23
njbuck 09-Jan-23
Bake 09-Jan-23
midwest 09-Jan-23
Michael 09-Jan-23
KB 09-Jan-23
Matte 09-Jan-23
sitO 09-Jan-23
Paul@thefort 09-Jan-23
Candor 10-Jan-23
Hoss 11-Jan-23
PECO2 11-Jan-23
Bou’bound 11-Jan-23
Iowa booner hunter 11-Jan-23
From: Zbone

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Surprised this buck hadn't made news here:

From: t-roy
Heck of a deer! I’m surprised the highest mass measurements weren’t more than what they stated in the article.

From: Ungie01201
wow... i can't even imagine!

From: buckeye
Wow, what a great buck.

From: midwest
Awesome buck! Assuming it’s a city limits deer? Sounds like a page right out of Seek One.

What a specimen. What is also impressive to me. Is the sheer body size of a mature deer. It’s amazing how big their bodies can get

From: APauls
Wow. What an incredible animal. Pretty cool that he shot it standing in a tree. I mean sucks that his stand was stolen but sure adds an element to the story!

From: RD in WI
Great deer. An interesting admission in the article is taking a 52 yard shot with the 40 yard pin and making a poor hit.

From: Dale06
Great deer. And at least it had a name.

From: Pat Lefemine
I can’t believe it walked around in daylight and he watched it for 4 years. I want to hunt where he hunts.

From: deerhunter72
Incredible deer! Congratulations to the hunter.

From: spike78
So this monster was out in light every day, heard him break branches, and winded him and didn’t care? Need to find me a dumb monster like that.

From: njbuck
wow what a giant!

From: Bake
Edited: talked to my friend again. My understanding of where the buck was killed was wildly incorrect. My bad

From: midwest
Bake, I guess I made the assumption it was a city deer from the first sentence of the article.

"In Kansas City, Missouri, bowhunter Josh Heuser kept a close eye on one special buck for five years..."

Doesn't matter either way, dude got it done and congrats to him!

From: Michael
Wow what a great buck. Congrats to the hunter

From: KB
Congrats to the hunter. Obviously put in some real effort. But in what world does a buck like that show himself 47 days straight? He had a serious death wish. Weird. Glad he wasn’t poached.

From: Matte

From: sitO
My thoughts exactly, didn't want to comment and start a "thing"...but on cell cam in same spot that many days in a row, made a bunch of noise getting set up, 52yd shot with a 40yd pin...something's rotten in Denmark. Just my opinion.

From: Paul@thefort
Great buck! Sure beats goose hunting with a bow.:)

From: Candor
What good fortune to run late, not find your stand and find a natural tree you could climb and get set up and still get a shot on a "in 10 lifetimes deer". Makes me question my own tenacity....

From: Hoss
Sounds like the good Lord blessed him with a heck of a deer!! Congratulations on a beautiful animal.


From: PECO2
Amazing buck.

From: Bou’bound
“What good fortune to run late, not find your stand and find a natural tree you could climb and get set up and still get a shot on a "in 10 lifetimes deer". Makes me question my own tenacity....”

I think we would all have the tenacity to endure trying that if we got a cell phone picture while at work that the deer was area of the stand and likely waiting.

Tenacity would be going through those gyrations without knowing it was in the area at the time.

Regardless the hunter had this deer pinpointed and executed perfectly to take it. Good for him. Did it right!

You see the deer 47 nights in a row and can only get a Hail Mary 52 yard shot? WTF

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