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Tilzbow 10-Jan-23
Kurt 10-Jan-23
tthomas 11-Jan-23
Tilzbow 11-Jan-23
From: Tilzbow
I’m just curious if any Bowsiters are going to be at the Sheep Show. If you’re going to the show do you plan to shoot the sporting clays event which is Thursday starting at 9:00 AM? I might head down to shoot at the event since it’ll be the first break we’ve had in the weather for a while.

From: Kurt
I’m signed up to shoot. Looking forward to it and the couple day break about half way home from AZ to BC. Hope the wind dies down. Was brutal up around Kingman and Northward tonight.

From: tthomas
Just saw flights being cancelled over night. Always hard to get to Reno at the best of times. Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck, bust em where you see em.

From: Tilzbow
Yeah, Reno is a bitch to get in and out of (I clearly remember from my pre-Covid working days when I was traveling all over the world). To get anywhere or back here you’ve got to first fly to a main hub like SFO, Denver, etc. The good news is the FAA got the system working and flights are back on so hopefully all you guys can make it into to town.

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