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Cape Buffalo outfitter recommendation
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From: Dox001
Good Day Bowsiters,

Compliments for the new year!

I would like to get recommendations on outfitters/operators that do archery only hunts for cape buffalo. It seems like those that hunt the majority of their buffalo quotas with guns do not have the necessary knowledge and experience hunting then with archery tackle. I am hoping to hunt them within the next two/three seasons. Your input will be appreciated.

Thanks Dox

From: lamb
pm sent

From: Matt
Ken Moody is a Bowsite sponsor and seems to do well with bowhunters.

From: Stubbleduck
Marco DuPlessis At Afrika Barrel and Bow Marco is an experienced PH and bow hunter. I'll be hunting Cape Buffalo with him next August.

High fence or wild herd? The former has many option. The later talk to Ken Moody, buffalo are his thing!

From: DWU
Thor Kirchner in Zambia. Completely free range wild country with no fences. Thor hunts mostly in the Luangwa Valley and has plenty of experience with bow hunters. Loads of Buffalo and a completely different experience than South Africa. You’ll hear wild lions roaring at night from your tent and see plenty of elephants every day along with loads of other game.

From: Dox001
Thanks for the replies thus far…

I want to hunt in South Africa. I do not want the extra admin of trying to bring the trophy and carcass back into RSA. I know in RSA, the private ranches are fenced but if its big enough and you not hunting near fences, I guess the animals might still be considered “wild” unless you can identify the auction tags on the ears of the animals, then it might suggest the animal was bought specifically for your hunt. For me 10000 hectares will be considered large enough

From: Iowa Rut Nut

Iowa Rut Nut's Link
Look into Chattaronga Safaris. There are reviews on this forum and on internet. Can be booked thru Neil Summers Bowhunting Safaris Consultants. I shot Cape buffalo and Sable There are lots of big eland there also.

From: fuzzy
Talk to Ken Moody

From: WhattheFOC
Thread called ‘Buffs hitting the Salt”

From: Firehuntfish
I can recommend Limcroma Safaris. Hannes Els is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced PH/Outfitters in Africa when it comes to hunting dangerous game with a bow and arrow. Great hunters and even better people! Excellent accommodations, and exceptional ease of logistics.

From: Bou'bound
Whoever you talk to get the FACTS on how many Buffalo that are first hit with carbon die by lead. Often what a starts as a bowhunt ends up With a boom to end the hunt.

From: bowhunt
I hunted with Ken Moody in 2019, not for buffalo though. We did see some huge bulls, and a couple other hunters were hunting Buffalo while I was there. They got some whoppers.

From the standpoint t of how he operates his business, and communication he is top notch. From the time before I booked, through the time after I booked, during the hunt, and after the hunt he was always responsive almost immediately to questions. Most importantly, his answers to questions and i information provided were always accurate.

This lead to what I expected out of my trip, and what he delivered matching up very well.

I would highly suggest talking to him on the phone, and discussing what you are looking for. I’m highly confident he will tell you if he has a hunt that matches up with what you want.

From: Zip4644

From: Potro
Ken Moody and Limcroma are a very good alternatives in SA

On a Private SA ranch not as much of a concern with loosing an archery buff so more are killed successfully with a bow than free range.

Also on SA ranches a buff hunt will put you into a position to make a better deal on plains game if you negotiate it right for the whole safari. A lot of Buff prices will be based off of width etc. so be sure to clarify before shooting the breeder bull ;)

From: Dale06
I also recommend Limcroma, if high fence suits you.

From: Buffalo1
What country are you interested in hunting ?

From: Highlife
He said south Africa

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