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Early season mule deer
Mule Deer
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skinner creek 12-Jan-23
JohnMC 12-Jan-23
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HI Folks This is the first time I have offered this type of hunt. We will access my cabin in the alpine on ATV's and use the cabin as our home base while we spike camp out in several different areas looking for the largest bucks.

Date September 1-7 1 on 1 hunt $9500.00 USD plus 5% tax 2 on 1 $6500.00 USD per hunter plus 5% tax

Included: Airport transfer from Williams Lake, BC. Field trophy prep. Meals and lodging

Not included: License $189. Deer tag $131.50 Wolf tag $52.50 WCF $250.00 Shipping taxidermy or meat cutting

Required equipment: Sleeping bag, quality backpack, binoculars

Deposit of $2500 holds your spot.

From: JohnMC
Your link is not working. Sounds like a fun hunt!

From: Grey Ghost
Do I have a say in the type mattress and menu you provide?


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