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Skate Skiing Anyone?
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Norseman 12-Jan-23
Kannuck 13-Jan-23
PECO2 13-Jan-23
smarba 13-Jan-23
APauls 13-Jan-23
orionsbrother 13-Jan-23
APauls 15-Jan-23
kylet 15-Jan-23
orionsbrother 15-Jan-23
From: Norseman
Wondering if there are any other Bowsiters out there that enjoy the great winter sport of Nordic Skate skiing? I Just picked it up a few years ago and am in love with the sport. It is such a fun and enjoyable low impact cardio workout that Gets the heart a pumping and the corpuscles a jumpin.

Getting better at technique every time out. It has been a great winter for snow here in Minnie so far.

Hope all of you are enjoying your winter as much as i am.

Ok, now on to applying for western big game hunts.


From: Kannuck
Uh.... you mean "Misery Sticks". Nope, I prefer chairlifts and gravity aided descents... and there's a bar at the bottom! LOL

From: PECO2
I gave up snowboarding, can't deal with the cost or the crowds. I am going to build a kicksled for ice fishing, and to give my huskies some more excercise.

From: smarba
Skate and classic cross country skiing is an amazing workout! Did a ton of it when I lived in Alaska, not so much in New Mexico...but I road cycle and mountain bike (not "e-") a lot...

From: APauls
Used to race when I was younger through a school program. Our program didn't have enough money for skate skis, but everyone was in one group whether you skid traditionally or skate ski. I could see that it was obviously faster so I skate ski'd using traditional skis. Usually medalled too, but my skis would drag instead of being able to lift them as you should. Teacher was proud of me lol. On a nice trail that's a good time.

I’m mostly bushwhacking off trail and when I’m on a fire road or logging road, I’m coming back in my own tracks, not on a groomed trail, so no skating for me.

Thinking of investing in a wider pair of back country skis for next year.

If you’re enjoying the skating, I’d suggest looking at doing the Birkebeiner in Northern Wisconsin some time. That is a great weekend.

From: APauls
Orion have you looked into hok skis at all? I can’t believe how well they work. Great cause you just use your normal boots too. Outperform snowshoes in 95% of situations

From: kylet
I just picked it up this year. Thoroughly enjoy it. I got pressured into signing up for a kortelopet next month. Should be interesting

Adam - I’ll have to do some research and check those out. Thanks!

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