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youtube fraud- solved how, no clue why
Mule Deer
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From: nvgoat
How- Turns out the cretin who used my photo in his video is a cousin of my hunting buddy. My buddy had shared the photo with him in 2020.

Why- Can't understand why someone would do this. Fraudulent gratification. Life must be pretty lame.

Thanks to all for support and comments. Great to see real hunters sticking together.

From: Scrappy
That is so crazy. What would you say to friends, coworkers, and family that see the video and want to see the rack or more pics.

Please have your buddy contact this tool for his explanation. Would love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation.

From: nvgoat
Buddy is contacting his cousin. Will be interesting to hear

From: Jaquomo
Please keep us updated on what he says, and how it turns out.

Well… should make for an interesting holiday party, family reunion or wedding the next time your buddy encounters his cousin!

From: drycreek
It defies my imagination.

From: jjs
Is your buddy's cousin name Joe Biden, it would be understandable if so.

From: cnelk
If your buddy is any friend at all, he had better have a nose to nose discussion with his cousin. Or tell him you will.

From: Supernaut
Wow, crazy.

I'll second what cnelk said regarding that nose to nose discussion.

Keep us updated please.

From: SBH
That’s awesome you figured it out and he gets called to the mat. What a turd.

What happened?

From: Medicinemann
I think that your cousin should video his next encounter with this clown, and then link that video to the first one where he claimed that he killed the buck.


wildwilderness's Link
What happened is some pulled a rowdy dowdy photoshop on a buck

Like this old thread-

From: Matt
>If your buddy is any friend at all, he had better have a nose to nose discussion with his cousin. "


What a POS that kid must be.

From: DanaC
At the very least demand that the moron's youtube channel be deleted.

From: fdp
I'm guessing it happens pretty often as easy as it is to pull images off the internet, and easy as they can be altered. It just doesn't get noticed.

From: Kannuck
Jealousy makes people do strange things.

The desire for notariety and internet fame seems to be running rampant anymore. Glad you were able to track down the source and hopefully get the fraudulent video shut down.

From: Bou’bound
if every fraudulent video on the internet was shut down it would almost cease to exist. At least in this case there was no financial or reputational adverse impact to nvgoat as a result of the you tubers actions. many are not so fortunate.

From: Jaquomo
I see the video has been pulled. The asswipe replied to my comment about him on YouTube and asked me to "please explain". When I try to reply back, his whole channel seems to be gone. Those 12 followers will be soooooo disappointed.

From: nvgoat
The story I am getting from my buddy is that some guy (asshole, Bradco documentaries) filmed the cousin's unsuccessful hunt last year and then inserted my photo (which had been previously shown to the asshole) without the knowledge of the hunter. He then was refusing to take the video down, saying I made the video, I did the work, I will make money etc. The cousin had been unsuccessfully trying to get it down for some time.

Anyway, it seems to be down now. Hopefully assholes like this are not a dominant force in our future. Frightening thought.

From: Glunt@work
Very odd. Showing the pic didn't add much value to the video anyway. An unsuccessful hunt or one that maybe ended with a less impressive deer can be enjoyable to watch if the story and production is quality.

From: JohnMC
Did the cousin call you to explain? If that situation happened to me, I'd want to call you myself and let you know personally I had nothing to do with what happened.

From: KSflatlander
I don’t get it. I like unsuccessful hunt videos too. Watching what others do when things don’t work out as planned. I don’t get this culture of having to punch to have a good successful hunt. I guess shots sell clicks. If success is only punching a tag then I don’t recommend DIY fair chase bowhunting (no bait, no guide, no outfitter, typical OTC or low points draw). You’re more often going to be disappointed than successful.

Be happy with the adventure/journey of it all then punching a tag is a bonus.

From: midwest
The video sucked regardless.

Nice to see your awesome buck, though, nvgoat. Congrats!

From: Catscratch
I just looked for Bradco Documentaries on YT. Found his page but no videos. From what you are saying the dude is in it to make money. I'm guessing this was his first video in this venture to make money on YT?

From: KSJHawk
I’m calling BS on the cousins story. Doesn’t pass the sniff test.

From: nvgoat
KSJHawk--I agree. Kinda fishy. At this point I am past it. Video is down. Guy is an Ahole.

Surely the Father and Son had knowledge that “Bradco” put in someone else’s deer to make the video look as though they had “success”? If so, they’re just as guilty. Because if someone had filmed me and put that crap in there, I’d have told them I DO NOT want to be a part of it.

From: Beendare
The quest to “ Be a Celebrity” has made people do crazy things- hunting is no different.

I know of one guy who shot and lost a bull elk…..but then swapped in the success section of a bull he did shoot afterwards.

From: Jaquomo
RMEF sent out a video a few years back with several elk hunts featured. In one of them, the hunter called in and shot a bull, tracked, and recovered it. Except the one he recovered was obviously a different bull.

So many people complained that RMEF issued an apology to the membership.

From: WapitiBob
This is why I don't have cousins.

Do you have a link to the original thread?

From: Fitzgerald
That situation with your photo is truly baffling – some people's motivations are beyond us. But it's heartwarming to see the hunting community rallying together against this kind of behavior. By the way, have you come across any good YouTube automation channels ( )? They might offer tips on dealing with online issues like this. Keep your chin up and keep enjoying the real hunting camaraderie! ????

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