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Rain jacket for 40 degree rainy day
Whitetail Deer
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RonP 16-Jan-23
sticksender 16-Jan-23
Michael 16-Jan-23
KSflatlander 16-Jan-23
BC173 17-Jan-23
Beendare 17-Jan-23
I want to upgrade my outer layer for a 35 to 45 degree rainy day. I already have what I need for very cold and dry or even snowy. Are there any quiet jackets that are water proof that work for bow hunting? By a rainy day I mean a day when it may rain off and on during the day and a typical outer layer just won't work all day.

From: RonP
not sure if it'll work for you but i like my kuiu axis jacket for rain and snow off and on during the day. it has a waterproof hood and shoulders though, i am sure it would wet-out in a heavy rain.

i think it's fairly quiet and depending on your mid layer, could work in your temp range.

From: sticksender
"Quiet" and "Rain Gear" typically don't belong in the same sentence. But for lightweight rain gear, Space Rain might work for the purposes you have described. It definitely doesn't add much warmth and is fairly effective against rain for intermittent use. And it has the bonus of packing down to a small size that will fit into cargo pockets.

From: Michael
For whitetail hunting I use the Cabelas MT050 rain gear with a couple layers on underneath it. Not sure they make it anymore. It’s pretty quiet but it will shed water once you get inside from the rain. It will keep you dry. It’s just the material will hold water.

From: KSflatlander
Kuiu Chugach

Good feedback. I have the MT050 and may stick with it.

From: BC173
All I’ve ever used for white tail hunting is MTO50. More than adequate.

From: Beendare
I like to layer rain gear- using a shell so that I can adjust my clothing to the weather, can hang it out to dry etc.

Kuiu is my favorite but some of tge cheaper stuff like Marmot PreCip works too.

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