Herbivorize Predators Do What
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From: Lewis
I just came across this organization and at first thought it was a joke but it’s not.Their goal is to transform all carnivores over to vegans.They are looking for donors so I’m sure there’ll be a long line formed on here lol ??.This world is getting stranger every minute.Good Luck Lewis

From: nmwapiti
Are we talking people here or critters too?

From: Woods Walker
LMAO! Good luck with that!!!

I'd pay to watch them try this with a lion, or a wolf, or better yet a GOSHAWK!!! It'd be like watching ancient Roman gladiator games!

Sounds like more of DanaC's "FUMDUCKERS"!

From: Lewis

Lewis, you just gave this organization the single greatest public exposure event in their history.

Yes, by replying to this thread, I am guilty too.

From: drycreek
walking buffalo, I have to disagree. This audience is mostly a bunch of like minded individuals who see this for what it is…..totally ignorant. Granted it’s exposure, but of the kind that will not in any way advance their cause, if that’s what you meant. If you meant it in another way, then I apologize in advance.

From: Pat Lefemine
After they feed lions ‘tofurkey’ for three weeks they should lock the producers in their enclosure for a couple nights. I’d pay to see how that turns out.

From: t-roy
My guess would be that they would most likely get pretty tofurked up.


Yes, incredibly strange.

Everyday is something crazier than the day before.

From: BC173
What..wait, did I read that right. Who dreams up this stuff? Unreal

From: Jaquomo
Yep, converting dogs and cats to a vegan diet. These idiots are over social media.

Was there an original mention of the organization that I missed?

Behold the Housecat: you can feed them whatever you want or they want and STILL they will hunt. If they grew to the size of Labradors, they would hunt small children.

You know what people like these doofuses say - a Leopard cannot change his stripes.


From: drycreek
This reminds me of a joke a veterinarian told me.

Seems that a guy was complaining about the high cost of dog food. His buddy said “I feed mine turnip greens”.

The guy said “My dog won’t eat turnip greens”

The buddy said “Mine wouldn’t either the first couple weeks”

From: APauls
I'm curious how much plant matter they expect polar bears to eat in the 9 month arctic winter?

From: timex
Do vegan women give hummers ???? Technically that's eating meat !!!!

From: DanaC
What's the difference between a human and a dog? A human will eat 'plant-based meat'.

From: Mike B
I suspect that they have little intention of trying to turn carnivores into vegans, but are very happy to take your money and make it appear they are advancing their cause. Meanwhile they are paying the Board of Directors ridiculously high salaries with all that donated $$$$.

From: fuzzy
t-roy wins the internet today. LMAO

Drycreek, I was being literal. Out of curiosity I went to their website, and their youtube channel. Youtube started in 2017 now has 50 subscribers, most videos have less than 200 hundred views. For such deep thinkers with dreams of changing the worldwide ecosystem, they surely are the worst at spreading their gospel that I have ever seen.

This thread is likely the largest discussion this group has ever experienced.

There is no doubt this group is serious about their goal, this is not a scam or for profit. I doubt they have received even a dozen donations.

For the fun of learning how these elite humans view predators, here is a taste from their mission statement. -------------

OUR MISSION We are leading the movement to herbivorize predators We believe that all species should be herbivorous. Herbivorize Predators is a non-profit (pending) organization with the goal of discovering how to safely transform carnivorous species into herbivorous ones and encouraging dialogue about all aspects of this proposal. We believe that with the coinciding (1) spread of moral concern for the welfare of all sentient beings (sentientism, moral circle expansion) and (2) the rapid advancement of our ability to modify organisms and ecosystems, in the not too distant future it will become feasible anatomically/physiologically, ecologically, and socially/politically to begin the transition toward a two-trophic level (plants and herbivores but no predators) biosphere.

1) We are for individual sentient beings of all species (sentientist and anti-speciesist). We believe that we should re-engineer the world for the well-being of individual sentient beings no matter which species they are members of.

2) We are for the prevention of suffering and untimely death. We believe that a world in which predators no longer exist is a much better world due to the harms they cause to sentient beings.

3) We are optimistic about the prospects of science to enable us to prevent much suffering and untimely death. We believe that with technologies such as gene editing and artificial selection it will be feasible to edit out carnivorousness from species (herbivorizing them).

4) We are aware that with great power comes great responsibility. We believe that we collectively have a duty to resolutely phase out predation as soon as we develop the ability to safely do so (and we have a collective duty to develop that ability as soon as possible).

5) We are strategic. We believe that even though the proposal is controversial, now is the time to (1) conduct research on potential ways of herbivorizing and (2) spread the idea as widely as possible.

From: Medicinemann
I'm going wait until this gathers momentum, and then I'll start a movement based on the premise that plants have the ability to respond to external stimuli, such as pain.....and as such, they should qualify them as sentient beings as well. Then, I'll sit back and watch the vegans starve. When I think of all those poor soybeans being eaten alive by those herbivorous whitetails....not to mention all of the poor insects that fall prey to venus flytraps and pitcher plants....

From: Lewis
Curious what are they going to do about Venus fly traps ?? Good luck Lewis

From: Squash
Jesh, now I have to worry about coyotes, bobcats, fisher, fox, weasels, etc. eating my vegetable garden.

From: DanaC
I can't help suspect that the whole thing is a spoof.

From: Mule Power
Those people need to spray on some cow elk scent and go hiking in Yellowstone!

From: Lewis
Dana no spoof and they walk amongst us and they breed ??Good luck Lewis

From: huntr4477
I wish I could be there when they start trying to herbivorize some hungry apex predators like polar bears, African lions, etc. I would even volunteer to be the videographer if they want to make a 'how to' video.

From: JohnMC

JohnMC's Link

From: JakeBrake
Medicine man for the win

From: Meier
my dogs love eating grass and arugula

From: Orion
If you guys need a good laugh watch Joe Rogans skit on vegan cats

From: WhattheFOC
This might be the dumbest thing I’ve read in awhile. I have a buddy whose retriever eats carrots. Pretty sure the dog is gay.

From: DL
Medicine Man there’s a bit of truth to that. It might have been planet earth series about plants responses to stimuli such as insects eating them. They said that is why some plants are poisonous because they have developed that over time. One example was milkweed that monarch caterpillars feed on. They excrete latex when a wound develops from an insect. In some cases that latex kills the insect. They had some other pretty incredible studies of trees communicating between one another.

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