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Wyo Appl Done----> But
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Well, I got my Wyo Elk appl. done yesterday but a little different than projected by using the 2022 regs/hunts & dates.

I only had enough in A-Prime/Chase C-card points (1,123) to transfer to my hunt acct for cash out of $1,123.00 so I went Cheapie Fee and Reduced Price Cow/calf too. Kinda like Free $$$----->

I like to do a 2nd choice in the Full Price after doing my normal General 1st choice.

A Type 4 Full Price cow.

When I did the Drop down for unit, no type 4 showed but it showed in the 2022 Regs.

I called my friend up in the Jackson Office and she double checked and nope no Type 4 this year in that unit or my other choice of unit.

I ended up doing a different unit all together for my type 4 cow tag, 2nd choice.

With 1 Elk point, and in the 'Cheapie Fee' draw, I'm still hopeful.

Good luck, Robb

From: Mule Power
Good luck Robb!

From: wytex
Humm, wonder if they re going reduced price for those areas. Seems odd to do away with Type 4's in any area but maybe no access either? Interesting though. Biologist may have reasons why they did this, email might get an answer for you.

Thanks Joe

wytex, good idea on the biologist. 91 was my main unit of 2nd choice, Type 4

If it's not in the Dropdown, then it's not offered is how I had it explained to me.

Makes sense,


From: WapitiBob
Initial quotas were set in December, then the Game Div would send the Fiscal Div those quotas for use in the the NR Elk draw. I used to file a public info request and get those quotas prior to the close of the app period. I suspect they're still doing that but now the app change period goes into May so it's not really needed. Get something on paper and change it later if needed. Just can't change draws; regular to special..

From: midwest
Thanks, Bob. So a tag not showing available right now may actually become available after the actual quotas are set?

From: Nick Muche
Robb, you should have let me know, I could have transferred you some of my Marlboro miles to make up the difference!

HaHa You better not be smoking!! Nick

Yes, that's the way I understood it too.

Double check after the tag quotas are set and if I want, change/modify my appl.

I realize there are Reduced cow Type 6 & 7 but I don't like the restrictions/boundaries and I really like to spot-n-stalk hunt Bear on the east side of 91 up on the mountain.

Get to see some really nice G muley bucks too.

Good luck, Robb

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