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UT elk archery outfitters
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Bill in MI 24-Jan-23
DConcrete 25-Jan-23
From: Bill in MI
I have enough points to draw multiple Utah units now but am planning on 'trying' to draw in 24. Considering it's a once in a lifetime for me, I THINK I want to hire an outfitter to maximize my chances. Who do you recommend? I'd love to start the convo and have someone lined up. Unit choice...quandary- I want to apply where there is a bonus tag available and I can't draw the top 3 units. I'm in good shape and be 50 next year so there isn't a hunt style that I need to have. Rough country, horseback, so be it. Mature bull or bust, for me that's a 320 and up goal for me.

From: DConcrete
Mossback. They’re simply the best. There’ll be lots of haters on here. But they don’t know the man.

If Fishlake, I’d go with Albrecht outfitters out of Loa. I have contacts for both.

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