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Must’ve all been sick deer
Whitetail Deer
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sasquatch 24-Jan-23
greg simon 24-Jan-23
Hackbow 25-Jan-23
Woods Walker 25-Jan-23
From: sasquatch

I guess all the deer on the island were “sick and weak”

From: greg simon
I suppose if you always kill the weakest one, eventually there will be none.

Save the otters!!!

From: Hackbow

Hackbow's Link
LOL. Always entertaining to read of "sciency" people's surprise at wild animals doing wild animal things. Amazing, isn't it, when unchecked killers increase their killing ways? I wonder if any of the "scientific" studies have been peer-regurgitated so as to lend validity to any forthcoming recommendations. Added a link for those leery of copy and paste.

From: Woods Walker
They need that group of whackos that want to change wild carnivores to vegans!

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