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Cape Buffalo Interesting Note
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Stubbleduck 25-Jan-23
Bou’bound 25-Jan-23
Highlife 25-Jan-23
Beendare 25-Jan-23
RK 25-Jan-23
drycreek 25-Jan-23
Fuzzy 26-Jan-23
Zebrakiller 26-Jan-23
From: Stubbleduck
I'm heading for South Africa in August for a Cape Buffalo hunt. In recent research I found the following:

Interesting paragraph from an “Ashby” publication (Available at the (

“preponderance of actual complete-passthrough hunting shots on buffalo have occurred with compound bows having draw-weights from 65 to 70 pounds. Exactly why, when using directly comparable arrow-system setups, compound bows in the 65 to 70 pound draw-weight range are yielding a much higher rate (percentage) of passthrough shots on hunted buffalo than are the compound bows having higher draw weights remains, at this time, an unknown, though I do have a suspicion why. Nonetheless, this outcome data from hunted buffalo is clearly present, and at a significant level. This is an item that warrants further testing.”

From: Bou’bound
so why doesn't he share his pre-test hypothesis / suspicion.

Is this an "i know something you don't know na na na" type of quote.

he's leaving us on pins an needles waiting for him to come back with words of wisdom.

From: Highlife
Ad nauseam

From: Beendare
Heavy arrow 700g plus, 2 blade tempered steel head and the heaviest bow you can shoot= success

From: RK
+470 nitro

From: drycreek
Second RK, but I have a .22 short body these days…….

From: Fuzzy
thats exciting. so whats your setup?

From: Zebrakiller
Good luck enjoy, I dont know if I have been just lucky or what But i have shot 2 and both went less than 100 yards

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